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PAINTERDAVE earns his ninth bar.

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    Congrats Painter!


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      Congrats Painter.....I admire you for not allowing bitterness to creep into your soul.....I have always enjoyed your stories as you have quite a way with words.....
      Tony G

      The Chefs


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        Congrats, Painter!


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            Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE

            Actually, congratuations are all appreciated on this special day...

            Today at 12:00 Noon.... MY DIVORCE IS FINAL!

            I am free from the betraying brutalizer! There was nother B word I almost used there. Only I am glad I didn't. It is better to simply describe the truth.

            Truth is... I wish her nothing but good fortune. I am so very thrilled to put that tragedy behind me. I am moving forward and doing well. I refuse to let my past dictate my future. I am not allowing bitterness to creep into my soul. That is why I am absent so much. I keep myself so busy.

            There are so many Ladies Nights at the Eighth Bar. And I guess I am gonna have to go and check out the Ladies Night tonight at the Ninth Bar!

            Being single is gonna kill me.

            There is a free concert in the park tonight from 6:30 to 8:00, Chris and the Kings, some guys I have known for years. I will be there. Dartmouth and Laredo. Look for the tall jamoke in the beat up straw hat.


            So ... the two terrorists had gotten into our country. They were sitting at a small sidewalk cafe planning their nefarious plot. One lapsed back into arabic.
            "Stop speaking arabic!" hissed his partner. "People will suspect us of being Al Qeda! Remember, we are in America now... SPEAK SPANISH!"
            Well, I guess double congrats are in order then!!


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              Congrats PAINTER!


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              There are three things you can expect in life:

              1. Death
              2. Taxes
              3. The Ball Being Picked Off by Champ Bailey


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                congrats PAINTERDAVE


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                  haha! that joke wins, as I am hispanic! (other people would use less savory words for me )

                  congrats doubly, painter!

                  If you take what I have to say seriously, then I'm embarrassed for you.


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                    Congrats to the best story writer on the board...