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Happy Birthday JRWIZ!

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    Happy Birthday, JR, I hope you enjoy this, and many more to come.


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      Happy B-day !


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        Originally posted by His Wife View Post
        JR - it's your birthday?

        Happy Birthday!!!!

        Do you think ALL your wishes will come true (i.e., conservative)?

        Well, let's see now....Tops and Buck are still much, much, much older
        than that's encouraging yes?
        Not that much but a bit older.

        Thanks everyone I had no idea this was here until an old friend told me it was here.

        I never come to ABF unless given a warning.

        Had a great BD went to the movies and saw the latest Borne show dinner with friends and family. In fact several of them.

        But eh highlight was last night was celebrating the BD, my daugthers going away party and a the homecoming of a second daughters (is my daughters best freind here in town) boyfriend getting back from Iraq.

        We talked all night about the war and how it was going could not have had a better BD present from anyone than to hear what was really going on first hand from this man.