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How To Fix Dan O'Dowd's mess as Rockies GM

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  • [Rockies] How To Fix Dan O'Dowd's mess as Rockies GM

    What a great article. Agree with everything....

    The Rockies' cheesy "Year Of The Fan" promotion should have been designated "Year Of The Dan."
    This season is a referendum on The Dan — the failed, supreme, supine, supposed commander of the Pet Rox.
    The Dan got The Fan into this chaotic condition — the nadir in franchise history.
    Now, he's demanded a laughable four-man starting rotation, with 75 maximum pitches, that has reduced the Rockies to becoming the biggest butt of major-league baseball jokes.
    That's a clown decision, bro.
    So, at last, The Dan must go.
    CEO Dick Monfort claims The Dan is baseball's best general manager. Everybody else knows The Dan is the worst GM.
    The Dan made the most lopsided offseason trade: Jeremy Guthrie, with 66 losses since the beginning of 2008, did not become the Rockies' ace. Jason Hammel is 8-2, has a 2.61 ERA and will be an all-star. Guthrie is a waste.
    The Dan made a wretched free-agent acquisition. Mike Cuddyer, who signed a $31 million contract, is hitting .260 (.223 on the road) with 11 homers, 47 RBIs and 55 strikeouts.
    Waist-deep in his 13th season, without one division title and only two postseason appearances, The Dan has been a flop.
    His drafts have been dissected and disrespected. Only two pitchers (including retread Jeff Francis) on the current roster were produced by a team that preaches "home-grown." The Rockies have one star on the roster from all those drafts, and he's on the DL again.
    The Dan, according to my research, has engineered 124 deals.
    In my opinion, only five (4 percent) had positive long-term effects.
    If The Man (Monfort) would read, as I did Saturday, the lists of drafted players, free-agent signings and trade acquisitions during The Dan's reign of terrible, he would fire the general manager immediately.
    If The Dan looked at those lists objectively and had any pride in his work or love for his adopted community, he would resign by July 1.
    If The LAN (local area networks — Root and KOA) would examine those lists, they would be ashamed that their announcers incessantly praise the GM.
    If The Fan was provided with the lists of drafted players, free agents and players obtained in trades, he or she would respond by wearing black instead of purple Monday when the Rockies return home.
    Recently a man placed a paper bag over his head at Coors Field. Stadium personnel forced him to remove it. Could they kick out 45,000 people who donned the bags in protest?
    The Rox are on pace to lose in excess of 100 games and have the worst starting rotation in baseball history. How long, oh Lord, how long?
    If I were named general manager — I've been around professional baseball longer than Monfort and The Dan combined — I would get rid of this short-sighted, dim-witted four-man, limited pitch-count rotation, and I would fire pitching coach Bob Apodaca and promote Bo McLaughlin from the Sky Sox.
    Before the end of the month I would swap Guthrie, Cuddyer, Marco Scutaro and Ramon Hernandez (players The Dan brought in this offseason) for prospects and let Jason Giambi finish his career with a contender.
    I'd add pitchers Drew Pomeranz and Edwar Cabrera and start them in the FIVE-man rotation with Christian Friedrich, Alex White and Jeff Francis (until Juan Nicasio is healthy) and allow a 100-pitch count.
    I'd call up Nolan Arenado and Josh Rutledge and start them at third and second with Chris Nelson and Jonathan Herrera alternating at short — until Troy Tulowitzki returns — with Todd Helton and Jordan Pacheco alternating at first. Pacheco also would get starts once a week at third and catcher, where Wilin Rosario will start the rest of the season. I would play Carlos Gonzalez (of course) in left, Dexter Fowler in center and Tyler Colvin in right, with Eric Young Jr. filling in until Tim Wheeler and Kyle Parker can join the outfield in September.
    My bullpen would be set, except I want Chad Bettis here as soon as possible.
    I would make Vinny Castilla a full-time coach and hire Dante Bichette as a roving hitting coach.
    I would schedule interviews to hire a new general manager for 2013 from this quality group of current assistant GMs on other teams: Thad Levine, Rangers (and formerly with the Rockies from 1999-2004); David Forst, A's; Bryan Minniti, Nationals; DeJon Watson, Dodgers; and Rick Hahn, White Sox.
    I'd fire the employee who created the lame "Year Of The Fan" stunt, and I'd reduce ticket prices (and have more fireworks nights) to show appreciation to the fans for sticking with a schlocky team.
    Then, after doing all the cleanup on Aisle O'Dowd, I would quit and go back to sitting in the Rockpile.
    Woody Paige: 303-954-1095 or [email protected]

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    I don't agree with throwing all of our young talented players into the wolves. If we want a future we need to develop them not just see if they sink or swim. Otherwise I agree. O'Dowd has been a bust.


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      Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
      I don't agree with throwing all of our young talented players into the wolves. If we want a future we need to develop them not just see if they sink or swim. Otherwise I agree. O'Dowd has been a bust.
      I pretty much agree with this.

      O'Dowd sucks and needs to go, but if there is one consolation about him it is that Paige isn't the GM.

      I also disagree with the hate of the Cuddy signing.


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        Cuddyer is a good player, but I agree; he wasn't needed. Personally, I think we should've kept Smith, and used that money on Mark Buehrle.

        Woody Paige needs to be GM. I'd hire him.

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