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To anyone from the OKC area going to the game tonight!

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  • [Nuggets] To anyone from the OKC area going to the game tonight!

    Come look me up. I'll buy you a OVERPRICED beer!

    Like to see the Nggets continue their hot streak!
    Like to see someone knock Westbrook on his AZZ!
    Like to see Denver make a statement on the road to one of the best NBA teams!

    Anyways P.M. me and I'll let you know where I'm sitting!
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    sigpicoh YEAH?

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    Something tells me it is gonna come down to FF's. OKC the NBAs best, Denver the worst shooting. OKC will get the big time homecooking calls too, they have for years. No arena gets louder then this one though, it is like a College atmosphere!
    sigpicoh YEAH?


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      I'm nervous about this game. We seem to never play well against the Thunder. We could get rocked since we are on the road and played last night.

      But if we win its a huge statement win.

      Does this constitute the official game thread by the way? Since one hasn't been made yet.


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        Oh Hell here we go again!!!! 3 friggin guys killin the Nuggs! Just like that game last year!

        That overtime game in Portland took a lot outta them. Too many turnovers. Faried is INVISIBLE!?

        Not even in the same class as these guys , at least on the Road. We will see Sunday! Im gettin the HELL outta here and goin to Toby Keiths!!!
        sigpicoh YEAH?


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          back to back and all, lots of excuses...

          we'll indeed see sunday.