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Article: Kiszla: So Far, Iggle hasn't paid off for the nuggs

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  • [Nuggets] Article: Kiszla: So Far, Iggle hasn't paid off for the nuggs

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    He isn't worth what he is getting paid however he is very valuable to the team. He doesn't just score which is what he makes him valuable. However so many no clue people like Mark Kizla only refer to the scoring when grading if he has played well or not. That is dumb.

    As the article I posted the other day said he is playing great defense for this team and is one of the best at it at his position. His assist rate is 5th best amongst shooting guards in the NBA and his rebounding rate for a shooting guard is 1st in the NBA. He just needs to shoot a higher percentage from the field and from the line. I don't think he needs to score more points. That isn't his role. He just needs to be more efficient in that area.

    And I wouldn't say it hasn't paid off. We are easily the best we have been as a team right now then we have been in years. Probably since the Western Confrence Championship run. We are right now on the up and up. We are ranked around #4 or #5 on most power rankings and are 4th in a tough Western Confrence. We have as many wins as any team in the East but a few more loses. The team is only going to get better. We are deep and playing great. This front office has brought together good talent. I just wish they didn't overpay them by so much.


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      I usually hate Kiz. But that was a pretty good article.

      He didn't rip Iggy and he was objective. He also added in Karl's comments that were pro iggy.

      It is a good question though? IS he worth it...guess we'll find out in the playoffs.
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        I'm not a fan of the Nuggets, but when I see them play, he definitely stands out. his combination of strength and athleticism is pretty rare for that position. He can score at will on anybody. Just having him on the floor creates problems for defenses, whether or not he's scoring.

        I know I'd love to have him on the Lakers......
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          Kiszla did gloss over the fact that iggy is a good defender and stuff... i mean, thats hard to ignore really..