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  • [Nuggets] Josh Smith to Denver rumor

    It's been floating around for a while, but IncarceratedBob tweeted:

    @incarceratedbob: Josh Smith in a Wizards Spurs or Nuggets uniform ??? could happen

    Now what I've seen is

    A 1st

    Some have Brewer involved, and the others have Gallo. Basically we have the 13m trade exception from the Nene trade. I don't think this is a good move of true, but if we can swing the 1st deal it's not the end of the world.
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    I've thought about it but I don't see us getting Josh Smith. If we trade for Smith, he'd be the starter at PF which would obviously put Faried on the bench. Faried and McGee coming off the bench at the same time is not good for us at all. Also I don't think we're going to trade Chandler. Chandler is a terrific defender at SF and depth at that position is key since there are so many dominant SFs in the NBA.

    I'd much rather us go after some of the other PFs that have been floated around. JJ Hickson (highly unlikely) or Paul Millsap would be good additions. There are some rumblings about DeAndre Jordan being moved. I'd like to make a move for him especially since the Clippers are reportedly offering Millsap for Bledsoe so there's an opening for us to sneak in a get a good deal without having to give up too much talent.


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      No thanks. I'd rather keep chandler, gallo and brewer.
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        Originally posted by Broncoholic3233 View Post
        No thanks. I'd rather keep chandler, gallo and brewer.
        Seriously, that would be a terrible trade.
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          If we get rid of Chandler or Gallo then it will be a terrible trade. I still would like JJ


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            I have zero interest in this trade. I'd rather trade for Derrick Williams or Jimmer Fredette. Both wouldn't demand a lot of compensation and could help us off the bench but I dpn't want Gallo or chandler gone