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    @BK1043: I just heard from a well informed source that The #Nuggets 1st offer to Iguodala was 5yrs $63 Million...

    Good god. That is the FIRST. Can't imagine what it will end at


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      Originally posted by Houshmazode View Post
      Birdman has more skill than both Mozgov and McGee.
      I'm just going to assume this was said on accident.
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        Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
        I'm just going to assume this was said on accident.
        yeah, I had to do a double take when I read that
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          Well my FA's gone
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            Scoff at whatever you want, but he was much more consistent and had a good impact on both ends of the floor for the heat. He had a down year the year before but Karl refused to play him. He was especially good in the playoffs, minus the finals unlike McGee and Mozgov.

            Andre Iguodala re-signing would make money tight for Nuggets
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            Posted: 07/02/2013 02:15:00 PM MDT
            Updated: 07/02/2013 03:00:44 PM MDT
            By Christopher Dempsey
            The Denver Post

            Andre Iguodala
            Tony Allen
            Monta Ellis
            Timofey Mozgov
            Jarrett Jack
            Chris Copeland


            Any of that appear strange? It should. For a team without a lot of cap space, the list of players connected to the Nuggets just two days into the NBA free agency negotiation period is growing out of control. Assuming their primary target, Iguodala, re-signs with the Nuggets, outside of Mozgov, every player on that list — and every player to potentially land there — is a Plan B at best.

            The Nuggets simply won't have the cap space to be major players in the free-agent market this season if they are toting a hefty new contract for Iguodala.

            Currently, the Nuggets have $51 million in guaranteed contracts and another $18 million in cap holds — one of which is Mozgov, who the Nuggets are closing in on re-signing. It means the Nuggets are technically over the salary cap at $69 million, yet under the luxury tax. And that means, barring trades, the Nuggets will only have significant money through exceptions (mid-level, bi-annual) with which to sign additional talent. Each can be used entirely on one player or split between multiple players.

            As players sign with the Nuggets or elsewhere, the cap holds will free up a bit more money and give a clearer view of where the Nuggets stand in relation to the salary cap and luxury tax levels, which are just days from being released for the 2013-14 season.

            Mozgov alone has a cap hold of near $6 million. If he signs for anything less than that, it's money shaved off of the Nuggets total salary number.

            Anthony Randolph was signed in 2012 using the mid-level exception. Corey Brewer, whose contract expired, was signed using a mid-level exception. Next year, the mid-level exception pays $5.15 million. Taking yearly raises into account, it means the Nuggets would sign a player to a four-year contract in the neighborhood of $21 million-23 million.

            Post Poll - McGee's Role

            Is Nuggets center JaVale McGee ready to step up now that Kosta Koufos has been traded?
            Yes, he will star: The Nuggets had too many big men battling for playing time last season. Now McGee can spread his wings and flourish.
            No, not yet: McGee has trouble showing discipline. The execs are wrong — former coach George Karl knew McGee isn't ready for a prime-time role.

            (Note: This poll is non-scientific and is meant to encourage reader discussion.)
            there's not a lot of wiggle room.

            So the laundry list of players connected to the Nuggets can be viewed in two ways. First, a bit of a smoke screen while they work on the guy they actually want. Second, it is an attempt to cast a wide swath and hope to catch a player or two they need.

            Now, if Iguodala, who met with a number of teams on Monday including the Nuggets, walks, then real room opens up and they can become bigger players in the free-agent market. But by that time many of the bigger names could be soaked up. Still there might be opportunities available to reshape the team.

            But a long list of players it will not be.
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              Redick already went to the Clippers.

              We've heard grand plans from all sorts of people on who and what the Nuggets should spend their free agency money on. What does the salary cap have to say about it?

              It seems everyone is hot for the Nuggets to sign a few of the guys they have targeted for the team. I've heard suggestions of Al Jefferson, Josh Smith, and J.J. Redick. How could the Nuggets go about inking any of them? It'd be a very difficult financial process and here is an article on why ...

              We don't yet know the firm salary cap numbers for the 2013-14 season, but we have a pretty good idea: $58.5 million and the luxury tax line is supposed to come in at a small increase from the $70.307 million from the 2012-13 season.

              Early projections given to NBA teams in May have the salary cap rising to just $58.5 million for the 2013-14 season, according to ESPN's Marc Stein. Grantland's Zach Lowe confirmed Stein's report.

              According to Hoopsworld the Nuggets project to have $5.55 million in maximum cap space.

              The team has a total of $51.9 million in guaranteed deals for the 2013-14 season and $56.6 million if you factor in Timofey Mozgov's qualifying offer (just used as a space filler as he could sign for more or less) and Quincy Miller's $788K non-guaranteed deal (Q is guaranteed $150K and his deal becomes fully guaranteed if he's on the roster opening night, according to Storytellers Contracts).

              So, how can the Nuggets sign Andre Iguodala, Corey Brewer, and Julyan Stone (Early Bird) with just $5.55 in max cap room? Bird Rights.

              Bird Rights: players eligible to sign a maximum-salary contract for up to five years when he becomes a free agent. The maximum salary will vary depending on how long the player has been in the league, but regardless of the amount, a team can exceed the salary cap to complete the deal.

              Early Bird: allows team to spend up to the league's average salary in the first season of a new contract.

              One reason the Nuggets traded for Iguodala is so they could acquire his Bird Rights - which a player gains by playing a minimum of three seasons for one team. Bird Rights can be acquired via trade when a player such as Iguodala goes from the 76ers (eight seasons) to the Nuggets (one season).

              The Nuggets had to trade for Iguodala rather than wait for him to become a free agent because Denver can now offer him, up to, a max contract, exceeding the salary cap. If you want the other side of it, look at the Houston Rockets clearing cap room to be able to offer Dwight Howard a max deal because they were unable to procure a trade for him when he was with the Orlando Magic. Had the Rockets been able to make a trade for Howard, they would not have had to release Carlos Delfino and Aaron Brooks and trade away rookie Thomas Robinson for cap space.

              What other ways can the Nuggets sign players?

              According to Hoopsworld the Nuggets can use the following exceptions on free agents:
              Mid-Level Exception - $5.15 million or
              Bi-Annual Exception - $2.652 million

              The definition's to each exception, according to Larry Coon's FAQ:

              Non-Tax payer Mid-Level Exception: This exception may be split and given to multiple players. It may be used for contracts up to four years in length. Signing a player to a multi-year contract does not affect a team's ability to use this exception every year -- for example, a team can use this exception to sign a player to a four-year contract, and use it again the following year to sign another player.

              Bi-Annual Exception: It cannot be used if the team has already used the Taxpayer Mid-Level Exception or the Room Mid-Level exception (the Nuggets are neither). The exception may not be used two years in a row. It may be split and given to more than one player, and can be used to sign players for up to two years.

              What about sign-and-trades?

              Now, the number one item I've heard Nuggets fans talking about is "sign-and-trade" - can the Nuggets do a sign-and-trade? Yes. Check this out from Larry Coon aka Salary Cap Guru:

              Question: Coon, love your work. Lakers above luxury tax, can't sign and trade Dwight anymore right? So, what is the rumbling of Dwight interested with Warriors, Dwight as to accept mid level with them?

              Larry Coon

              Teams above the apron (the point $4 million above the luxury tax line) can't RECEIVE a player who is signed-and-traded, but they can send a player away in a sign-and-trade. So the Lakers CAN do a sign-and-trade with Dwight if they (and Dwight, and the other team) want to.

              I'm not hearing anything from Dwight's end saying that he has any interest in the Warriors. I may be wrong (Dwight certainly hasn't divulged his plans to me), but this could just be speculation. But there's no way that Dwight will accept a mid-level salary next year.

              The Nuggets can also use the veteran's minimum to sign free agents, but again with such limited roster room - I don't see the Nuggets needing to add a Melvin Ely or Malik "Tacos" Allen.

              So, with the information above - it would be very difficult for the Nuggets to sign guys like Al Jefferson, Josh Smith, Monta Ellis, Jarrett Jack, or J.J. Redick - even if Andre Iguodala is not re-signed. The reason the Nuggets can throw big money at Iguodala is because they have his Bird Rights.

              The Nuggets could perhaps get a player to sign for the MLE, but the guys on the paragraph above will likely command more on the open market than $5.15 million per season. In order to obtain any of the guys above, the Nuggets would likely have to complete a sign-and-trade with the former team agreeing to take back some of what the Nuggets would be willing to part with.

              Happy free agent hunting ...

              Screw Iguodala. He needs to work on his damn free throws and jump stops like any middle schooler would. The Hawks are interested in Brewer, let him go.
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                Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 31s

                Sacramento is offering free agent Andre Iguodala a four year, approximately $56 million contract, league sources tell Y! Sports.


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                  Originally posted by Blondie79 View Post

                  Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 31s

                  Sacramento is offering free agent Andre Iguodala a four year, approximately $56 million contract, league sources tell Y! Sports.
                  D'Allessandro really gunning for Iggy.


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                    Chris Tomasson ‏@christomasson 11h
                    Source says Nuggets guard Andre Miller could be traded this summer. Doesn't fit in long-term future & George Karl, who loved Miller, is gone
                    Utah Jazz Nation ‏@Utah_JazzNation 9h
                    Andre Miller could easily come in & start at PG until Corbin feels Burke is ready to start. Also could help mentor Burke.
                    I think the Jazz would be a perfect fit for Andre Miller. He went to college there and would feel at home there I am sure. They have a very young talented team and he would come in and be the leader and help develop their young guys. Especially their bigs with his ability to throw the lob pass and set them up. I would prefer he move on however I am not sure what we could get in return. Maybe a sign and trade with Al Jefferson, that way they at least get something back. Or we could swap Andre Miller for Randy Foye. He is a combo guard who can hit the 3 point shot really well. Shot over 40% last season. He also has a great lob pass which is a must when you have Javale "Can't score with his back to the basket" Mcgee.

                    Also the deal we offered Andre Iguodala still is to much and I hope that is as high as we go. We can move on from him and make up for it in this free agency if we have to. If he wants to go and play for the Kings, be apart of a losing team for a bunch of years and have to spend half a season trying to figure out his role again then all power to him.

                    Sam Amick ‏@sam_amick 6h
                    Redick's four year, $27 million deal will play part in setting market for shooting guards: Kevin Martin, Monta Ellis, JR Smith, OJ Mayo...
                    That is a good deal for JJ Reddick. If we can get Monta Ellis or JR Smith for that price I would be stoked. Same with Jarrett Jack who would be a great combo guard replacement for Andre Miller if he is traded. It is clear though that this is an area of the team we are looking to improve and there are many options out there to choose from.
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                      If we pay Igoudala that much money I will be angry to say the least....


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                        The Kings just pulled their offer to Andre


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                          Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
                          The Kings just pulled their offer to Andre
                          Not good.....


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                            We should pull our offer for Iguodala and give it to Evans and put the pressure on the Kings to match the offer.


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                              Tony Allen just resigned with Memphis 4 years 20 million. David West resigns for 3 years 36 million. Kevin Martin to Twolvss for 4 years 30 mil. Hoping for a sign and trade here for iggy at worst


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                                Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
                                We should pull our offer for Iguodala and give it to Evans and put the pressure on the Kings to match the offer.
                                Agreed if he's gonna cost as much as it looks like he might or just take a look at OJ Mayo