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Denver finishes regular season undefeated, looking for first Championship

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    God that was terrible. There was no reason they should have left that goalie in there; he looked like he had money on the Hounds in the first half.

    The Outlaws do this to me EVERY FREAKING YEAR.

    Eric Law scored NINE GOALS in this game. That breaks the playoff record of seven goals in a game for a single player and ties the record for goals scored by a player in ANY game... and we still can't do it.

    There were no excuses this year. We were healthy. We were the best team. We had the most All-Stars, we had the most All-MLL players, we nearly swept the postseason awards. We won every game by at least two goals, and by an average of 7. We beat every other team in the league TWICE, home and away.

    And they still couldn't do it. We have exactly TWO losses in the last fourteen months, and both were playoff games.

    Oh well, I'm sure I'll get suckered into thinking we have a chance next year, too. I feel like a freaking Buffalo Bills fan in the early 90s.
    Anyone seen Jake Plummer?