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  • This offseason would've been perfect if they'd gotten Cousins or Drummond instead of Jordan.

    Oh well.
    Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


    • Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post

      Terrific signing, I wanted Tate but he’s pretty much a less developed Bruce Brown. Bruce is going to play hard and do all the little things we need, he plays the game like it’s life or death and tries to do whatever to help win. And since he was slotted in as a PF with the Nets, he gives you so much lineup versatility defensively.
      I love it, gives us so much more versatility in lineups between him, KCP and Ish.
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      • Starters:


        Cancar (qualifying offer sent, assuming he signs it)
        Watson (figures to spend much of the season on assignment to the G-League)
        Gillespie (two way)

        One more open two-way roster spot.

        Would've liked to have seen Cousins back and someone younger and bigger to replace Jeff Green, but otherwise this was a great offseason.

        Getting rid of Facundo Campazzo alone improves this team drastically. It's nothing short of miraculous that we were able to even make the playoffs with that bum playing 65 games.
        Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


        • Anyone see what the Wolves gave up for Gobert? Seems like Tim Connelly is still working for Denver
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          • Originally posted by Houshmazode View Post
            Anyone see what the Wolves gave up for Gobert? Seems like Tim Connelly is still working for Denver
            Yeah, horrible trade. Four first rounders and half a roster worth of dudes.

            And KAT and Gobert on the court together? Teams are going to force them to switch so much it'll look like they're on roller skates.
            Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


            • Originally posted by Houshmazode View Post
              Anyone see what the Wolves gave up for Gobert? Seems like Tim Connelly is still working for Denver
              Yeah that’s a crazy trade, although it’s one I would almost want to get in on just to try and poach Beasley back. Down year last season but he’s proven to be a good/great shooter in the past.

              I think he would just add to our flexibility in between various lineups even though he’s pretty much a pure 2 guard. Some games might call for a more offensive approach with our bench unit and I don’t think we necessarily have that right now (at least a fairly consistent unit) as Bones is seemingly the only shot creator so spacing is going to be huge with that unit to allow him to reach his full scoring potential.


              • So the Nuggets roster is mostly set.
                1. Nikola Jokic
                2. Jamal Murray
                3. Michael Porter Jr
                4. Aaron Gordon
                5. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
                6. Bones Hyland
                7. Bruce Brown
                8. Davon Reed
                9. Jeff Green
                10. Zeke Nnaji
                11. Ish Smith
                12. Christian Braun (draft pick)
                13. Peyton Watson (draft pick)
                14. DeAndre Jordan
                15. open, but will be filled if Vlatko Cancar signs the qualifying offer the Nuggets sent him. They could still rescind it, though I don't see why they would.
                TW1. Collin Gillespie
                TW2. open

                So they have one two way spot open, essentially. Chances are Vlatko signs his deal for the 15th and final full time roster spot.

                2nd round pick Ismael Kamagate will likely spend the season playing overseas. They'd need to cut Jordan or Cancar to bring him over this year.
                Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


                • Vlatko Cancar signed a three year deal. So the Nuggets roster is basically set, except for the final two way contract

                  C: Jokic/Nnaji/Jordan
                  PF: Gordon/Green/Cancar
                  SF: Porter/Reed/Watson
                  SG: Pope/Brown/Braun
                  PG: Murray/Hyland/Smith/Gillespie (TW)

                  This is a drastic improvement from last season's playoff roster:
                  C: Jokic/Cousins/Nnaji
                  PF: Green/Green/Cancar
                  SF: Gordon/Rivers
                  SG: Barton/Forbes
                  PG: Morris/Hyland/Campazzo

                  Hurt/Two way: Murray, Porter, Reed, Howard
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                  Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


                  • Better roster for sure barring any injuries/injury setbacks. Not sure why they brought Cancar back, I’m sure he’s good for keeping Jokic’s spirits up, but I don’t think he brings much value as a player. I don’t remember his name but there was someone Jokic wanted us to draft and we didn’t, not sure if he signed anywhere but he might end up being the final 2 way contract if he didn’t sign yet.

                    Nnaji is a question mark at 5, hopefully he plays well there. Outside of that the roster looks pretty strong, maybe an upgrade to Green but he can still provide quality minutes in a bench role where he’s not being utilized as heavily as he was at times last season. Hyland, Braun, Nnaji, and even Reed’s development will be huge storylines to watch on that bench. It’s a unit that has the potential to be a top defensive bench unit and with Bones running point, transition opportunities will be there often. How Murray and MPJ look coming back from injury will be the big thing to watch with the starters, but that’s obvious. I expect Murray to start out slow, he usually did this even when healthy so I don’t anticipate that changing. MPJ will be a wildcard, his defense seemed much better in his 9 games, but that’s a super limited sample size and after another back injury, losing any more flexibility/agility would be devastating to his on ball defense. I do expect him to return to form as a shooter though, he might even be more improved there. Hopefully he spent the time off really studying the game, because even though he can be a great scorer, he wasn’t always good about maintaining good spacing, knowing when to cut off the ball, or even knowing when to pass rather than take an ill advised off balance jump shot. He showed some signs of improvement last season but again it was an extremely limited sample size.


                    • What will Malone do now that he can't rely on Barton???
                      :lombardi:2019 Adopt-A-Bronco: Dr. Dre'Mont Jones


                      • Originally posted by Houshmazode View Post
                        What will Malone do now that he can't rely on Barton???
                        There are no words to express how happy I am that he'll never again be able to put Facundo Campazzo into a game for an instant 13 point swing in the wrong direction.
                        Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


                        • Online consensus from the first summer league game seems to be
                          Braun - looked really good, likely to skip the G-League and start the season on the Nugs bench.
                          Gillespie - a bit shaky early but great in the second half, could make good use of his two way deal. polished on both ends of the floor.
                          Watson - looked super raw, likely to spend the whole year in the G-League. Impressive size but looked the farthest away from cracking the Nugs rotation
                          Kamagate - showed some good stuff, also looked raw but worth stashing overseas this year as they plan to

                          Nobody stood out for the second two way spot yet but the contenders seem to be Porter (MPJ's brother), Mitchell, Arms, and Grady. Also possible it's none of these guys and they look elsewhere; one game is too early to say.

                          Two way players can be active for as many as 50 NBA games so it might make a difference. Last year Davon Reed (48 games) and Markus Howard (31 games) both found their way into the rotation at various points.

                          Obviously the hope is that the team is much healthier this year and you don't have to rely on G-League guys but you never know.
                          Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


                          • Baby Jokic had good taste in sweaters
                            Anyone seen Jake Plummer?


                            • Looking at Lillard’s 60 million a year deal makes the Joker contract look like an absolute steal for the Nuggets


                              • Second summer league game thoughts

                                Braun - horrible shooting night but still managed to get to the rack, play good defense, pass the ball

                                Watson - massive improvement over the first game. filled up the score sheet, looked much more comfortable. Still had a lot of mental lapses (turnovers, fouls, losing track of his man, missed rotations) but he showed why they picked him in the first tonight. Lots of size, lots of talent. Kid just needs reps. He has time, still a teenager.

                                Kamagate - this kid looks great inside the paint on both ends of the court. looks equally lost outside the paint. still, played a really good game overall. shame he can't spend the season in the G-League but they don't have a roster spot for him so he'll go back overseas for a year

                                Gillespie - this kid has 10 year NBA back up point guard written all over him, easily more NBA ready than any of the three draft picks
                                Anyone seen Jake Plummer?