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Brittney Spears Flops at VMA's

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  • Brittney Spears Flops at VMA's

    Given that Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards were held in Las Vegas, I was hoping that the show would open with a parade of hookers. They’d walk out with briefcases like the models on “Deal or No Deal.” Then when they opened their cases, one of them would be hollowed out to reveal a pregnant belly underneath. Then whatever star was the lucky father would get a moon man trophy, make a speech and pay child support for the rest of his life. Wouldn’t that be fun?

    Instead, we got Britney Spears’ so-called comeback performance of her new single, “Gimme More.” Before we get to that dog and pony show, can I just ask what was up with longtime MTV pre-show personality John Norris’ bleached blonde hairdo and smoky eyeliner? I thought it was Judith Light there for a second … or Jodie Foster, plugging that new movie where she shoots people.

    But anyway, back to Britney. The show starts and the first thing we see of Brit is a close-up of the back of her head. It’s not pretty. It’s extension seams a go-go. You could almost smell the glue through the television. This unflattering shot made me wonder if Britney was a pain in the rear during rehearsal because someone at MTV was clearly pissed at her. Her black rhinestone bikini was problematic too considering Brit’s a few pounds over her “Slave 4 U” fighting weight. It wasn’t Paula Abdul “Vibeology” bad, but it was far from good.

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    I stayed up for that???

    Was that a train wreck or WHAT?!
    I was hoping she would get it back together, guess not yet.


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      I know.. I was so disapointed! She couldnt even do her dance moves right..they were slow and awful!

      She didnt even look like she was into it at all...


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        Man, they should have just let Kanye West open with "Stronger" instead of that crap.


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          She needs some serious help.