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Jay Cutler on South Park

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    Originally posted by Broncos72690 View Post
    I live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma which is a suburb of Tulsa, and in Tulsa they used to have a Casa Bonita. I went there after I saw the South park episode and it was a lot crappier than South Park said it was. When I stayed withmy aunt who lives in Denver, I went to the Casa Bonita there and it was much better.

    Anyways, the Casa Bonita in Tulsa changed its name to Casa Viva. I don't know why, but it's still the same thing.
    Cartman loved it

    I loved that episode.

    Butters is so stupid.

    But he did save imagination land.


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      There's so many Bronco and other Colorado referances in SouthPark, there's one episode where they worship a giant statue of John Elway! Not to mention the hundreds of other mini referances like a Broncos lamp, a 'Raiders Suck' bumpersticker, a John Elway action figure that Cartman buys, tons of things.

      Everything that Matt and Trey do almost always has something to do with Colorado, their first movie ever was 'Cannibal! The Musical' about the only man ever to be charged with cannibalism in the US.

      guys your show rules and you're always loyal to where you grew up


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        It's really funny for Bronco fans. I nearly rolled over. For non-Bronco fans or followers...probably not as funny.


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          Originally posted by showtime24 View Post
          Here is the Jay Cutler part if any missed it

          I tried the link and it looks like it has been removed.


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            Respect Jay's Authoritaaahh!


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              Originally posted by BroncoBobRI View Post
              I tried the link and it looks like it has been removed.
              Here's the clip.

              Making team signature bars, just drop me a PM. :salute:


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                South Park cracks me up, it's so Colorado - the Casa Bonita episode makes me laugh so hard, only if you lived here would you get some of their jokes. It's a Colorado thing. Remember the "Let's Go, Broncos" prayer in church about Steve Atwater? That was hilarious too.

                What's the name of the episode with Jay in it? I want to tape the rerun, thanks!