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Is HDTV really worth it?

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    Originally posted by lynchembaby
    you got a neg cp for this thread ?????


    was it signed??????? if it was i would pm that person to find out why

    otherwise if it wasnt signed i would make a thread in feedback and ask a mod to look into it for ya

    all in all they are only cp's anyway and if someone has the negging ability they can neg for whatever reason they feel. some people are cowards and dont sign negs some sign em and tell ya why.
    no it wasnt signed, it was only the salute emote. lol


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      It surely wasn't me.


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        Originally posted by Beast#7
        Thanks guys! What's with the negs that I got for creating this thread?
        I got a neg once for thanking someone. It was unsigned, but I think I know who it was. Someone who negs people when he gets bored.

        Really, if you're going to neg someone, neg a post that deserves it.

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          Originally posted by Beast#7
          So today I was at BestBuy and I saw some nice HDTVs, I was really digging the picture clarity and the widescreen. I would love to have one, but then I asked myself, is it worth all the hassle and prices? Not sure what size I would get either. The prices range from what? Like 1,000 to 10,000 or so? Expensive.

          Also there's the hassle of getting a DirecTV HD tuner for Sunday Ticket in HD. Cables, chips, and etc.

          So I ask you, is getting an HDTV really worth it?
          Get it!! My buddy has been saying for two years how much he loves his hd tv...and two weeks ago I bought a Sony Bravia. IT ROCKS!!! I find myself watching stupid hockey games and wildlife shows JUST BECAUSE THE PICTURE LOOKS SO AMAZING LOL !!
          Now if your thinking of getting a DVD player here is some advice. Everyone seems to be pushing the "blu ray" players. They brag about the major movie makers (Disney for example) will be making ALL their movies in Blu ray. HOWEVER JUST RECENTLY THEY CHANGED THEIR MINDS!! Now they are producing SOME movies in Blu ray but surely not ALOT of them. Personally speaking, I think blu ray may turn out to be like the old 8 track players.
          Thats just my opinion, but it's food for thought!
          PS The sony bravia is rated very near the top if not the very top spot in Consumer reports magazine!


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            I read an article on this just the other day. I tried to find it and post a link but could not find it.

            The generaly accepted rule of thumb is that if you will be watching a lot of Blueray or HD DVD's, if you sit within 6' of the TV or you will be purchasing a TV larger than 50" you may want to look at the 1080p otherwise you could save some money and get the 720p.

            What they say is unless you meet one or more of the above criteria you would har pressed to see the difference in the picture from more than 6' from the TV and since there are no broadcasts in full HD right now you can save yourself some money.

            Of course ultimately it's your decision and if you must have the latest and can afford it then go for it.

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              It was also mentioned earlier that 1080p is the way to go. Well keep in mind there are no stations that broadcast in this resolution because of bandwidth problems and probably won't be for at least a couple years. The only way you can really get the full resolution out of these TV's is with a Blu Ray player. I still went with 1080p because it's not everyday you make such a large purchase, so I wanted the technology to be as new as possible in the areas that I could afford.
              a ps3, an xbox 360 or a 1080p capable hd dvd player will all run at 1080p as well.

              one thing i forgot to mention-never, ever rely on what the picture looks like at the store. the lightning and connections are never optimal. do your research either online, at a specific high-end specialty store or both.
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                Get One!!!!

                I bought a 57" Samsung about 6 months ago and I LOVE IT!!!!

                Sports, the N.G.C. and the Discovery Channel are all DOPE as hell in HD

                I am going to get a X-Box 360 for Christmas and shortly thereafter buy the HD player that you can get with it and then I will be watching HD DVD's as well....

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                  Plus in 2008 I believe that EVERY channel is going HD....

                  Sorry if someone already mentioned that....I didn't read the entire thread
                  I owe CP's to: no one


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                    what everyone said is true and good, the only thing i have to add is this

                    do you remember watching movies on vhs, and now i am sure you watch them on dvds. At first you might have noticed a difference, but it wasnt amazing. Now go back and watch a vhs video, you will be amazed at how bad they are and how much you will never want to watch one again.

                    Same thing with hdtv and regular tv......ITs worth it.

                    and even though raider hit ya up for the neg, i got your back too.
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                      As stated, it all depends on what you use your TV for.

                      And whether you have classic cable, digital cable, digital broadcast signal, or satellite. All offer vary numbers of HD broadcasts and channels.

                      I know that for me, HD is not worth the money, because I currently am not even on the cable package to get HD through my cable provider, and all I do is watch occasional network tv with some sports smattered in.

                      I rarely watch movies and I haven't had the time to play a video game in months, not that it matters, since I have an older system that I am not even sure it does HD.

                      But, if you do watch a lot of movies, play a lot of games on a current system, or watch a lot of sports, then the best thing to do is do the research on what it actually costs. The biggest mistake most consumers make is buying a TV, simply replacing their old one, and then wondering why the picture looks like crap. They are looking at an old non HD signal on a Tv with MUCH greater resolution, and did not buy all the necessary cables and converters. Many consumers are in the dark and don't understand that the TV doesn't magically make your signal HD. HD broadcasts on entirely different frequencies and channels, so you need the equipment that recognizes the different coding.

                      Whatever it is you spend, I have read that you need to expect to pay and additional 15-25% of that cost for the equipment to receive an HD signal over the air. Costs to receive it from cable or satellite providers vary more greatly.

                      Good luck.

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                        Originally posted by TR3Y
                        Plus in 2008 I believe that EVERY channel is going HD....

                        Sorry if someone already mentioned that....I didn't read the entire thread
                        thats false

                        every cable co need by 2009 needs tom broadcast "digital" cable instead of analog cable signals.

                        big difference between digital and high def.

                        the mandatory date for this to get in place has been pushed back every few years. 2009 probably will be pushed back till 2011 sometime soon. the problem is the tv industry and cable industry dont work together all that well. youd think they would but they really dont do a good job with this.

                        the tv's have had analog tuners in them since they were made and now they are making the tv's with the digital tuners only for teh past few years.

                        problems will start to rise in the near future with all the older tv set needing digital boxes to watch the broadcast. that why when you purchase direct tv or sat tv you need a box for every tv cuz its a digital signal. they do have ways around all this but it involve different wire diagrams and connections.

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