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    Did anyone catch tonight’s episode (Eek A P3nis!)? Long story short Eric Cartmen is put in charge of the class and by cheating and the kids get their best test scores ever. The principle is happy and DPS (Denver Public Schools) wants Cartmen to student teach poor minority students in the inner city to help their test scores.

    Anyway Cartmen agrees and does an impression of Jaime Escalante (real life teacher and character from the movie Stand and Deliver). So Cartmen proceeds to teach the inner city kids how to cheat and he brings up Bill Bilichick and the Patriots a LOT! I thought this was the funniest thing in the world…I was rolling! Anyway below is a quote from tonight’s show...good stuff!

    Eric Cartman – “Just before the last Super Bowl, Bill Bilichick gathered his football players and said. Let’s win this one for real, just this one time lets not cheat! You know what happened? They LOST!"
    So if you’re a South Park fan and you get a kick out of people making fun of the Patriots cheating scandal then this is a good episode.

    To live is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering.


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    I'm watching it right now. It's pretty funny.


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      The "How do I reach these kids" got really old, and ruined the episode for me.