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A movie that I would like to recommend to all of you.

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  • RealBronco
    B4, I'll watch that if you watch "Fanaa"

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  • beastlymarsh15
    you're gay

    ....i'm just kidding b4broncos6 please dont get angry

    i dont know if i could stay awake durin one of those movies :thumb:

    again...please dont get mad i was trying to put a little smile on someones face...sorry if it offended you
    i didnt mean it!!

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  • xX-Bronco-Xx
    O lawd Koreans getting some recognition who would've thought.

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  • A movie that I would like to recommend to all of you.

    I'm usually not the one for sad and sappy love stories, but a movie that I recently watched that my sister told me about, has changed my perspective.

    The movie is called: "A Moment to Remember"

    It is a pure Korean movie made in 2004.

    It follows the theme of discovery in a relationship and the burdens of loss caused by Alzheimer's disease.

    You may have never heard of these actors before, but they are very VERY good...

    The main male actor is named Jung Woo-sung, and he plays a construction worker named Chul Soo who falls in love with a beautiful female actor named Son Ye-jin, who soon learns that she has Alzheimer's disease.

    Now don't jump to conclusions about having it be one of those everyday love stories...

    This movie is different because it still has a certain charm that is lacking in today's Hollywood films.....

    Please, give it an honest try. At first I didn't, but I'm glad I watched it....

    The movie is on youtube because it's so rare in America, but the movies on youtube are about 5 mins each, with english subtitles.

    Let me know what you think: