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Chinese democracy release date confirmed...

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  • Chinese democracy release date confirmed...

    Best Buy and Geffen Records announced that one of the most highly anticipated albums of all time, GUNS N' ROSES' "Chinese Democracy", will be available beginning November 23 at Best Buy and on CD, vinyl, and digital downloads. The title track, the first single from the album, was released to radio today, October 22. "Chinese Democracy" is the first album of new material from one of rock's most influential bands since the 1991 simultaneous releases of "Use Your Illusion I" and "Use Your Illusion II".

    "The release of 'Chinese Democracy' marks a historic moment in rock n' roll," said co-managers Irving Azoff and Andy Gould. "We're launching with a monumental campaign developed by Gary Arnold and the Best Buy team that matches the groundbreaking sound of the album itself. GUNS N' ROSES fans have every reason to celebrate, for this is only the beginning."

    "'Chinese Democracy' is one of the most highly anticipated albums in music history, and Best Buy is thrilled to deliver this explosive and previously elusive release to GUNS N' ROSES fans. Longtime fans will be rewarded for their patience and loyalty to this great band, while a new generation of fans will be blown away," said Gary Arnold, Senior Entertainment Officer for Best Buy. "Axl Rose is one of the most dynamic and gifted writers and performers in modern music. Best Buy is excited to work with Axl to make the release of 'Chinese Democracy' THE musical event of 2008!"

    "GUNS N' ROSES is THE premier American rock band," commented Steve Berman, President, Sales and Marketing, Interscope Geffen A&M Records. "Partnering with Gary and everyone at Best Buy to release one of rock's most anticipated and legendary albums is truly a moment in music history. We're thrilled to be able to announce that 'Chinese Democracy' is coming, it's coming this year, and it's coming to Best Buy."

    Produced by Axl Rose and Caram Costanzo, the album, which will be released on Black Frog/Geffen Records, includes 14 tracks. "Shackler's Revenge" debuted September 14 through the Rock Band 2 videogame and "If The World" can be heard in the film "Body Of Lies", which premiered on October 11.

    "Chinese Democracy" is being released in three formats: CD, Vinyl LP (with a free digital download of the tracks), and as a digital album. Pre-orders at begin today.

    The entire new GUNS N' ROSES single, "Chinese Democracy", can be streamed using the Imeem Music player below.

    According to, sources who have heard the album say that it opens with a "blood-curdling Axl Rose scream."

    "Chinese Democracy" track listing:

    01. Chinese Democracy
    02. Shackler's Revenge
    03. Better
    04. Street Of Dreams
    05. If The World
    06. There Was A Time
    07. Catcher N' The Rye
    08. Scraped
    09. Riad N' The Bedouins
    10. Sorry
    11. I.R.S.
    12. Madagascar
    13. This I Love
    14. Prostitute

    The album will probably suck. But atleast I'll get a free dr.pepper!
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    I have already heard half of it courtesy of the world wide web. While I don't think it isn't that bad, It would have probably rocked hard 14 FREAKING YEARS AGO when it was supposed to come out!!!!!! Axl has lost all relevance in music because of this fiasco.


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      G n R finally coming out with 'chinese democracy' is good news

      i probably wouldnt want to pay to see the idiot axl but the album is way over due... G n R albums are always good but with axl ego getting in the way it cost the band its legacy and multiple albums thruout the years...

      im an old school rocker and love the hair band days... id probably go out and get the album just cuz its going to be refreshing to hear a album made years ago for the 1st time... kinda like a quick timewarp...

      but im still not buying into the fact that this album is actually being released... fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice, shame on me... until i see it in the stores its not even worth thinking about

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        Originally posted by tpryce93 View Post
        The album will probably suck. But atleast I'll get a free dr.pepper!
        why don't you just take the money you'd spend on the album and buy like, 2 or 3 12 packs of Dr. Pepper?



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          Originally posted by RealBronco View Post
          why don't you just take the money you'd spend on the album and buy like, 2 or 3 12 packs of Dr. Pepper?
          He is refering to the fact that the CEO or someother big wig at Dr. Pepper promised a free Dr. P to every man woman boy and girl in America if the ablum was released this year.
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