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    Originally posted by slostenracing View Post
    Hopefully they come through with Season Two. I know it's been inked but that doesn't mean it will for sure happen.

    This Episode ROCKED.
    From the way they had the previews staged last week for this week's episode, I guess I was expecting more retribution on Tigs for Donna's murder, I thought for sure Jax was gonna find out about all of it and kick some ass.

    I'm a little disappointed in this episode as I don't feel it played out like I was made to believe with the previews.

    As I was watching the episode, I felt the tension keep building and building and building, and I kept waiting for things to totally erupt into mayhem and nothing really happened.

    but I am definitely ready to see what happens next season!


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      anyone know when our series starts up again? im breaking out in hives from withdrawals...i need my show!!!!!!

      Next Season looks promising!!!!

      Tuesday December 9, 2008

      By admin at 9:55 am

      So, the first season has come to a close. I don’t know about your house but mine was set up like Super Bowl Sunday. Some times it was as loud as can be and some times you can hear a pin drop. What a show. You know how me and my ol’ Lady know it is a good show, every episode, we would look at the clock and before you knew it, forty minutes had gone by. Same thing with the season. It sure seems like it went by fast. Too fast. So much to say.

      People are surprising. Who would have thought that the doc would have it in her to be almost as ruthless as Gemma or Wendy. When she walked in and sat down with the two ladies we thought it was going to be a fist fight.

      When Clay got the news that Opie was NOT a rat in the second to last episode, and he tried to reach Tig on the phone but couldn’t reach him, well that was a pivotal moment in the show for me. Clays face was priceless. You could feel his pain. Tragedy was on the way full speed and he couldn’t stop it.

      It amazes me how much these guys lie to each other. I am pretty sure that is rule number one, never lie to your brother. When Jax questions Clay, and Jax already knows the truth but Clay keeps lying, and then Jax gets up and walks away, Clay should have figured he already knew. Jax is right, that is the stuff that will tear apart a charter.

      I was amazed to see Tig have such a conflict inside him about killing the witness. Tig seems like a totally ruthless individual. The Sargent at Arms. The Enforcer. He couldn’t kill Opie after Opie saved his life, that is understandable. The witness is a totally different story. She could bury two brothers if not three forever. Happy knew what to do, what had to be done.

      I sit and wonder what Clay and Gemma have deeply buried in their past. What the hell did she mean she “can’t do this again, not with Jax. “If she means what I think she means then the **** is really going to hit the fan next season. It is obvious that Gemma has the balls and the brains to run the club, She is ruthless and she keeps focused on the prize. I like what she said to the Irishman, “I believe in Family.” Me too.

      What a show. The season passed too quickly. At least we have it recorded. I am sure we will spend some rainy weekends watching every episode back to back waiting for season two. The Sopranos was the coolest show ever for me. Till now. Maybe cause this is what I am into. Or because it is the newest best show on t.v. There has NEVER been a show like it.

      I don’t know what every one else is going to do in the off season, but I am going to build me another bike. It’s what we do. Build bikes, ride bikes, Hang out with our family. Thats the life. I will check in from time to time and write a blog and tell you how it’s going. And thanks again for writing back. This has brought another cool thing into my life, being able to talk to you all. Have a very Merry Holiday season and I wish you all the best life has to offer in the new year. Talk to you soon.

      FAT BOB
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        Originally posted by Overtime View Post
        anyone know when our series starts up again? im breaking out in hives from withdrawals...i need my show!!!!!!

        Next Season looks promising!!!!
        I need me some Sons of anarchy too.Its so cold in here.
        Thanks Blondie for the Sig