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    Originally posted by 97svtinkc
    i've had several LG cell phones, and other devices, and they've all been junk, and so I don't buy any of LG's junk. they are a poor man's technological device.

    LG, Samsung and Invizio are the Hynudai Sonata's and Kia Sephia's of HDTV.
    So let me get this straight, you are basing your opinion of LG TV's on hearsay and not personal experience and on the cell phones you've had of theirs?

    That makes zero sense to bash a company for their tv's because you've had bad experiences with their cell phones. I personally just got rid of my LG VX4500, very old school phone but ZERO problems and easily the best phone I've had. I got the Samsung Gleam and it's got a million little problems. Could be the phone, could be the operator in either case.

    Remember the more options you have on it the more than can break. If you text or have your phone open a lot of course that's gonna wear out the screen and keys. Most of these things are obvious but factors only you would know. Not accusing just saying any of these things could bring about a bad experience for you with a brand of phones and it's not a good base for judgment on that companies TV's.
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      On CNET, many Samsung and LG tvs have similar ratings to Sony's TVs. I prefer paying a couple hundred bucks less for a piece of technology that will be outdated within four months of purchase. We have a Poaroid TV, that has held up quite well despite being in near constant use for two years, inluding heavy gaming.

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        I wish Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would come out on blu-ray.


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          Originally posted by sneakers
          I wish Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind would come out on blu-ray.
          That is an awesome Flick. IMO it is far and away Jim Carrey's best work


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            Originally posted by silkamilkamonic
            Thanks for responding guys.

            So I did some searching on the internet, and the Bl;u Ray player I had was a Samsung BD-UP5000, and apparently Samsung discontinued it because they had so many issues with it not playing some discs, and doing funny things like freezing after loading and whatnot.

            I'm upset because some of the threads on other forums I went to about this player we're waiting on some kind of a firmware update or something to fix the problems, which I don't even know what that is.

            I'm taking this back, and I don't even know if I should get a blu ray player. What if the next one I get has issues like this too?

            DO you guys have any recommendations for players that are beyond the initial launches where there aren't going to be issues with them not playing certain discs?

            Get a ps3.

            Even now It's still one of the best blu-ray players on the market.

            And you can play video games.
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