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Favorite College Fight Song?

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  • Favorite College Fight Song?

    One of the things that make college football so special is the atmosphere that the bands provide to the games. Even when watching from home, I catch myself humming, singing or tapping along to some of my favorite fight songs. What are your favorite fight songs?

    Take a look at this site if you need to: College Fight Songs

    "Today's the tomorrow that you should've feared yesterday."

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    Here are some of mine:

    "Texas Fight" - University of Texas

    "War Chant" - Florida State University (although this has been over-pimped due to the Braves and the Chiefs, to a lesser extent)

    "Hail to the Victors" - University of Michigan

    "Bear Down, Arizona" - University of Arizona

    "Fight On" - USC

    "Tribute to Troy" - USC

    But for my favorite, I'll have to go with:

    "Oh, Rocky Top, you'll always be home sweet home to me. Good 'ole Rocky Top (Woooooooooooo!), Rocky Top Tennessee!!!"

    "Today's the tomorrow that you should've feared yesterday."


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      I've always liked Notre Dame's myself
      "Hey that's great, but who are the Chefs?" - Snickers commercial


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        I love Tennessees...

        Oh rocky top you'll always be home sweet home to me!!!!

        Once two strangers climber on rocky top lookin' for a moon shine still strangers ain't come down from rocky top reckon they never will. Corn don't grow at all on rocky top dirts to rocky by far thats why all the folks on rocky top get their corn from a jar. OH ROCKY TOP YOU'LL ALWAYS BE HOME SWEET HOME TO ME GOOD OLE ROCKY TOP ROCKY TOP TENNESSEE!!!!

        Wow I think I am a Tennessee fan again lol...


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          Hail to the Victors- Michigan's Fight song


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            uh um..."CU's fight song"...haha
            fight u dwn the must win.. fight fight fr knows no defet! so roll up the mighty score, Never Give in!!...shouler to shulder we will FIGHT..FIGHT ... FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!


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              Boomer Sooner!

              I count 3 pokes it takes to bring Q down!! Q is the Man