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Looking for good Reggae.

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  • Looking for good Reggae.

    Whats up guys... I'm recently really getting into Reggae. I play the acoustic guitar so I really like the acoustic sound. Recently I am really into; Slightly Stoopid, Soldiers of Jah Army, Stephen Bob and Ziggy Marley.

    Anybody like these bands, who else do you think I'd like? is good for finding new bands... If anybody doesn't know the website I reccommend it for anyone. You go here, type in a band or song you want to hear and they have a 100% free station to play music of the same sound. It's great for finding new stuff. If you like it, it's worth it to sign up. All you do is give an email and you get a user name... just like here. Then you can sort of customize your music tastes.

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    Those are some good names there...

    I suggest you check out bargain music. They are not really reggae, but they fit in line perfectly with who you have listed.

    They are a little hard to find, but their stuff is great.

    Some of their songs:

    black eye
    its called fu***ng (forest for the trees)
    what would you do

    check em out let me know what you think.
    So far:
    FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
    1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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      Yeah man good recommendation. Maybe I'll learn a couple of their songs... thanks.

      I've been Jammin Collie-Man slightly stoopid all day... Got it down pretty good now.


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        collie buddz
        Now go get your shine box


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          Long time lover of Jah music...

          I love how Bob's sons have really come into their own and are producing some brilliant tunes with the spirit and feeling reminiscent of their father's. Damian's different than his bros/dad, but still good. You should also check out Ben Harper. He's heavily influenced by that acoustic traditional reggae sound.

          Sorry, I might offer specific songs later but here's some artists I would recommend. Reggae's so diverse and crossed-over now, but I'll go based on those that you listed - all of which I love btw.

          In short... go classic.

          Peter Tosh (great guitar throughout all his solo albums), Black Uhuru, Culture, Steel Pulse, Israel Vibration, Dennis Brown, Bunny Wailer, Beres Hammond, Burning Spear, The Meditations, Desmond Dekker, Joe Higgs, Lucky Dube, Gregory Isaacs. I could go on and on. Mostly traditional / roots stuff... I can offer suggestions for dancehall, ska and other styles if you're in to those too.

          I'd also try searching out "dub" versions of the songs you already love. They're great to jam to.

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            Dub side of the moon is a great album- obviously they took dark side of the moon and dubbed it. Its sick.

            Good call too on ben harper.

            "i'm going to burn one down" is one of my favorite songs in that genre of music.
            So far:
            FA- Melvin Gordon. Brandon Scherff
            1. Kenneth Murray LB; 2. Shenault WR; 2B. Biadazz Center, 3. OT


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              UB40 has some great tunes.
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