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    Dead Men Walking Great Zombie flick. Set in a prison gruesome with kids not even being spared in fact as a little girl is having her insides devoured she does this satanic laugh that haunted me for weeks. The ending pays homage to the classic but you have to watch it to find out which.
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      Originally posted by 80stheman View Post
      Return of the Living Dead.

      Best... Movie... Ever!

      LIVE BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Return of the Living Dead has everything you want in a movie - zombies eating brains, rock'n'roll, laughs, gore and best of all... Linnea Quigly dancing on a crypt!

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        Night Of The Living Dead (Original) One of the most iconic 60's horror films all by its self. Social commentary and scares all in one package.

        Dawn Of The Dead (Both Versions) Again with the original Romero makes a great commentary on American society...and come on guys the reamke was just so brutally violent just amazing stuff there.

        Return Of The Living Dead- Great mix of comedy and horror. Might be my personal favorite zombie film. When the zombie gets on the ambulance radio and calls for more paramedics! hahaha great stuff.

        Dead Alive- Peter Jackson was such a great horror filmmaker before Lord Of The Rings. The end with the lawnmower is to die for.

        And I can't believe I haven't seen anybody mention Re-Animator- Remember when the guy uses his own decapitated head to umm....well just watch it. But it does involve a very nude girl haha. Such a great movie

        And of course Shaun Of The Dead set the new standard. Best movie I've seen in forever.