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Official "Worst Music Video Evar" Challenge

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  • Fargo
    I nominate "Armi Ja Danny - I Want To Love You Tender"


    "Jan Terri - Losing You"

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  • jetrazor74
    started a topic Official "Worst Music Video Evar" Challenge

    Official "Worst Music Video Evar" Challenge

    Just what you've all been waiting for!

    Have you ever watched a music video, and thought to yourself, "This has to be the worst music video ever made?" No? Then you probably haven't seen many music videos.

    Okay forks, here's how it's going to work:

    Use this thread to nominate videos for the challenge, by posting a link to youtube or break or any other site.

    The rules are:

    1. The video must be a legitimate attempt at a real music video, something actually produced by the artist, not someone's personal video set to some one else's music.

    2. The video content must be allowed by the CoC, so if the song has explicit lyrics, you need to find an edited version.

    3. Just posting a song name will not count, you must post a link to the video because I'm not going to go looking for it for you.

    4. Keep in mind we are looking for bad VIDEOS! It doesn't matter whether the music is actually bad or not! Bad songs are fine, as long as the VIDEO is bad too.

    5. Oh, and we want Official videos, not recordings of live performances.

    After a the nominations slow down, I'll close the nominations, then randomly break everything up into a bracket, and each week we'll vote for worst video.

    I'll start us off!

    I nominate this one: David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling
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