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Official "Worst Music Video Evar" Challenge

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  • Official "Worst Music Video Evar" Challenge

    Just what you've all been waiting for!

    Have you ever watched a music video, and thought to yourself, "This has to be the worst music video ever made?" No? Then you probably haven't seen many music videos.

    Okay forks, here's how it's going to work:

    Use this thread to nominate videos for the challenge, by posting a link to youtube or break or any other site.

    The rules are:

    1. The video must be a legitimate attempt at a real music video, something actually produced by the artist, not someone's personal video set to some one else's music.

    2. The video content must be allowed by the CoC, so if the song has explicit lyrics, you need to find an edited version.

    3. Just posting a song name will not count, you must post a link to the video because I'm not going to go looking for it for you.

    4. Keep in mind we are looking for bad VIDEOS! It doesn't matter whether the music is actually bad or not! Bad songs are fine, as long as the VIDEO is bad too.

    5. Oh, and we want Official videos, not recordings of live performances.

    After a the nominations slow down, I'll close the nominations, then randomly break everything up into a bracket, and each week we'll vote for worst video.

    I'll start us off!

    I nominate this one: David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling
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    I nominate "Armi Ja Danny - I Want To Love You Tender"


    "Jan Terri - Losing You"
    Brock you like a hurricane!
    Think of a bigger, stronger, more handsome Eli Manning.... That's Fargo.


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      Those are pretty bad, dude. You may have the winner with that Jan Terri mess!

      I'll nominate a little Wham:


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        So I'm going to nominate one more, but this one is so bad, that it almost ends up being good.

        Men Without Hats - Safety Dance


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          Indian Love - Ganges Rivers

          Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
          Now go get your shine box


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            Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood


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              Originally posted by jetrazor74 View Post
              So I'm going to nominate one more, but this one is so bad, that it almost ends up being good.

              Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
              No way Jet, the safety dance rocks. "you can dance if ya' wanna"

              I'll try to post the link but I'm on my iPhone so will see how it works. Eddie Murphey's video "Party All the Time" is horrible.
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                Fly High Michelle - Enuff Z'Nuff

                Everyone thought that Nirvana killed hair bands, but I think this video did its share. Tough boys with a heart of gold.

                Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry

                The production quality of this video reminds me of going to Six Flags, throwing down 20$, and standing in front of a green screen lipsyncing to your favorite song. The DJ is playing a Casio keyboard that my sister got for Christmas when she was 9 and the background dancers were just 2 people she pulled in off of the street. The entire prodution of this video must have cost less than 100$ which is amazing because if I remember correctly, this song was a Top Ten hit back in the 80's.

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                  Don Johnson - Heartbreak

                  If you have to check your girl for a heartbeat, you are dating women that are WAY TOO Old. Apparently Don has a fetish for women at the end of their days.

                  Kevin Federline - Lost Control

                  Hey, at least he got to spear Britney before she fell apart, so I cant hate too hard.

                  Limp Bizkit - Rollin'

                  Although, trying out the aint half bad. Maybe I should take this one off?

                  Snow - Informer

                  I dont know if this is CoC clean or not. I cant understand a world he is saying. Funny thing is, this goof is Canadian and he doesnt drop a single "Eh" or "Kraft Dinner" in this song at all.

                  Gerardo - Rico Suave

                  Or, as he is known now..............*Atwater*.
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                    Winger - Cant Get Enuff

                    You think with an awesome misspelling like "Enuff" and a rocking Perm-Mullet would save this video. No. The hot chic does.

                    Europe - The Final Countdown

                    Yeh, to their career.

                    Kiss - New York Groove

                    Kiss-co (thats Kiss Disco for you non-Kiss fans). How could THAT go wrong?

                    I adopt andrewmlb.


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                      I haven't watched all these, but you can have a bad song with an average or not too bad video, and vice versa, you can have a really great song, with a terrible video.

                      So just remember that what we're looking for here is bad VIDEOS. Like midgets dressed as jesters skipping around a medieval festivals. Although that's so bad, it comes back around to good again.


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                        Right Said Fred - I`m Too Sexy
                        Thanks Blondie for the Sig


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                          No Worst Video Ever contest would be complete without the Rick Roll!!!! But I am above adding it to the thread. I will just mention it. We all know how truly awful it is.


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                            Here is the New Kids On The Block Hangin Tough High Resolution Video. It came from Enjoy!

                            Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

                            Thread Closed!!!!


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                              Split Enz-Six Months in a leaky boat.
                              I really like Cheese.