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  • I'm loving this years version of NCAA. It's much more difficult than last years, which was just far too simple. The run game feels much more realistic, as does the passing game. No more recievers running wide open unless they just simply outmatched the coverage.

    I would have given last years version a 6/10, however this years I would give a 8.5/10 and hopefully after another patch a 9/10
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    • Red Dead:9/10


      • Devil may cry 4...6.5/10 reminds me alot of Ninja Gaiden 2 which I rate 9.5/10
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        Originally posted by kishzilla
        You truly are a special kind of strange ha ha ha.
        You damn right!

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        • Originally posted by Foez View Post
          Devil may cry 4...6.5/10 reminds me alot of Ninja Gaiden 2 which I rate 9.5/10
          I really couldn't get into DMC, Ninja Gaiden 2 was awesome though.


          • Madden 09 for playstation 2. we all know how great madden NFL is so 10/10

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            • Final Fantasy XIII - 9/10.. I may be a FF homer for rating it that high. Would be better if it wasn't linear, but like old school FF and Dragon Warrior games that would make you think and free roam to figure out your next move.

              Yakuza 3- 4/10.. Clunky gameplay, horrible graphics. And making you watch all those worthless cut scenes (guy runs to the beach to call the kids into the house, and runs back..come on).

              God of War 3 - 9/10.. Badass game, great graphics. Got a little repetitive for me.

              Dante's Inferno - 7/10 - Like GOW3, with a cheaper budget, worse story and character acting.

              Demon Souls - 9/10 - Sick game, I don't care how hard it was. If you have time to invest, this is def. worth it. With a family, I didn't have the time it takes to really get through this game to the end.

              Uncharted 2 - 10/10. Best game end to end I've played.

              Split/Second - 7/10.. Like the originality, hate car games with generic cars. No upgrading, you have to take what they give you. Controls are easy to pick up, our 8 year old pretty much beat this on his own.

              Just got Heavy Rain and Just Cause 2 in the mail from GameFly.. Like the reviews so far on the latter, looking forward to that one.

              Anyone have any decent RPG's for PS3? Final Fantasy got me missing playing them... I have Trinity Universe in my queue.


              • Uno via Xbox Live Arcade

                Basically the same as the card game, although I’ve never played. What makes it fun for me is the discovery and excitement of not knowing what the other player(s) will play. I usually play it at night when I just want to chill out. And playing with a partner is always a plus.

                With partner 10/10

                Without 8/10

                Overall 9/10
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                • BERZERK-Atari 2600

                  9/10-Great, simple, fun, and addictive. Very hard though.


                  • Originally posted by BroncoFanBoy View Post
                    Madden 09 for playstation 2. we all know how great madden NFL is so 10/10
                    i agree with you that was my favorite madden game


                    • Had to dig to find this topic. Almost got my platinum trophy for the game Singularity. I give it an 8/10. Good shooter, cool story but seems to borrow ideas from a lot of other games. Has multiplayer but its on life support at this point. Story is worth playing through though, I enjoyed it.

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                      • nba 2k11 --> 10/10


                        • So many good games are coming out! Reach 9/10


                          • EA sports NHL 2011! 10/10

                            freaking amazing!..
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                            • Football Manager 2011.

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                              • God of War Collection. Just finished the first game, which turned out to be a exhillarating yet frustrating game. Ares ain't no joke! lol. 8/10.