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Top 10 Greatest Football Movies Ever Made

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    Some others ...

    ... worthy of consideration are The Express and Breaking the Huddle. The latter is a one hour documentary produced by HBO Sports which portrays the process of integrating the ACC, SWC and SEC in the 1960s.
    For those interested in how sports in general and football in particular have played a role in US social history, it is a must see.
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      Never seen Friday Night Lights but I have read the book.. Fantastic book btw.

      My top 5...

      1. Remember the Titans
      2. Rudy
      3. Gridiron Gang
      4. Little Giants (nostalgia up the ying yang and the quarterback looked like a young John Elway)
      5. The Water Boy


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        All The Right Moves >>>> Varsity Blues

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          How iis it that no one has said the Original Brian's Song?

          1. Facing The Giants
          2. Brian's Song
          3. Remember the Titians
          4. Rudy
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            Originally posted by PowderAddict View Post
            Hah, as much as I love football, I HATE football movies (except neccessary roughness, but just because of Kathy Ireland ).

            I love football for the drama, and how you can never predict what will happen - there's always something to surprise you, challenge what you thought you "know", it's so unpredictable.

            Football movies, well you usually know what's going to happen before the opening credits are done. Underdog team will beat the better team though perserverance and heart. Seen one, seen them all.
            friday night lights threw you a curve ball