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    Legacy Of Kain (the first one)

    there are lots others but that is the most under-rated one that i can think of that i really liked.


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      Originally posted by DevilSpawn View Post
      Parasite Eve was the first that came to mind. I think Squaresoft made it and people were shocked that it was so short. It was short, and it was awesome.

      To me the most underrated game is Toshinden, particularly Toshinden 2. During a time of Samurai Showdown, Tekken and Street Fighter, for some reason a lot of people didn't get this game. The boss of Toshinden 2, Vermillion, is one of the coolest bosses of all-time.

      I would've said Tobal 2, but it never came out for the US. I still have the Japanese version and let me tell you, this game ROCKS!
      parasite eve was pretty sweet but to me it was more of a FF spin off and i think that is why it is a bit under appreciated for how good it was.


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        I have to say...Okami. Love that game, 59h 45m of joy. I just think it's such a shame that it is officially (as far as I know) the worst selling "Game of the Year" ever made (fewer than 700,000 copies in 4 years both Wii and PS2). It's such an uplifting experience for some reason, just has that little je ne sais quoi that I can't put my finger on.

        Sad they've not been able to launch it as a fully blown franchise although they've made a Nintendo DS spin off (a good sign). Also, Amaterasu would be an awesome character in Super Smash Bros, although I'm guessing it won't happen.

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          Bionic Commando is one of the most fun games I have ever played, and most people I have talked to have never played it.

          I don't know if this is underrated or not but I used to love playing the Syphon Filter series on PS2
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            Alien Trilogy. I havent played this in about 11 years, Ive been trying to get my hands on a copy for a while now, but back in the day it was scary as hell, even with the mediocre graphics.