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    I was down by the coast the other weekend with some friends and during the days (whilst recovering from hangovers, etcetera) we discovered an old (original) Xbox in the apartment. It only had one working controller and, for some reason, NFL Street.

    I would just like to acknowledge this game as utter bull**** for the first five minutes and then nothing but pure gold for the next three/four hours before you figure out that all you need to do is PA pass and run for the touchdown. But still... credit where credit is due. Was fun to play with Plummer/Smith/Wilson/Nalen/etc on a street team, although Plummer was for some reason programmed to permanently wear a bucket-style hat. It did not suit him.

    The reason I'm mentioning this is that it was just so incredibly random and so freakin' weird to be playing such an old game that actually, once you got used to the fact it was old, was kinda entertaining. And we had much lulz when you play the story and realize the point is to beat all the street teams, then all the teams with pro players, so you can finally play the big game... no, not against an all-star team. Not even the "Legends" team. It was Xzibit. He is the final boss. Seriously.

    You can also only attribute skill points that you earn to one player so we ended up with a 6'8 270lb QB who probably would've run a 4.0 40 and could throw the length of three football fields.
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    NFL was my favorite game of all time...

    It was the first game I ever played online and well, well worth it... Too bad NFL
    Street 2 was kinda retarded and the third one just blew ****.
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      I had the first on Gamecube and that game was sick. Creating your ownp players and whooping on nfl teams....The second sucked, they made the player creation more detailed, everyone put Randy Moss and qb sneaked online. I have never played the third one though....


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        I had all 3 on PS2, I loved 2, 3 was over the top with all the flipping off the walls and all that stuff. That series had promise then they turned it into some whackness with whatever that game was wirth Merriman on the cover..

        EA BIG used to make some cool games tho