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Ellen quits Idol.

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  • #1snake_fan
    Two years ago ?

    Try after the first season this show is so freakin stupid with the exception of like three winners (by the way they are on season 10) no one amounts to anything

    the winners that have are Clarkson , Underwood & ... oh yeah theres only tww winners that have and Daughtry who was eliminated ... that was smart

    Simon's gone

    Ellen's gone

    Kara's gone

    and they replaced them with J-lo and Steven Tyler ...

    Yeah this show will last two episodes and be removed finally

    Jimmy Kimble said it best "American Idol ... You know that karoke show on Fox"

    No one writes their own songs they just sing every one else's and i wounder why no one makes it after that show IT's stupid ...

    Now that show INXS had a few years ago that was good

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  • aberdien
    Idol was over two years ago.

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  • Southstander
    started a topic Ellen quits Idol.

    Ellen quits Idol.

    The news just broke......