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Best Football game of all time

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    NFL Blitz



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      Originally posted by Sparky The Sun Devil View Post
      NFL Blitz

      the n64 version


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        Originally posted by baphamet View Post
        i don't know what is the best all time because i don't really play any of the newer football games but ironically, one of my favs growing up was John Elway's Team Quarterback. lol
        I remember playing that in the arcade on my way home from school!

        NFL2K5, game was$19.99 and sent EA into a tizzy which lead to the bs of them having exclusive NFL rights on consoles. And Madden '10, I've logged soooooo many hours on that one.

        And I give special mention to Madden '07 D-will and Champ were complete beast in that game .


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          electric football



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            NCAA football 11


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              my top 3 in no particular order

              N.E.S. & Sega Genesis - Tecmo Super Bowl

              Playstation - NFL GameDay '99 (had TD on the cover! ) (I knew all the cheats so I could literally run the entire opposing team over with TD and do a flip into the end zone)

              Xbox/360 - NFL 2K5

              consequently I do like NFL 2K8 almost as much as I like 2K5, being Elway & Barry Sanders, but with o many no-namers and being the Denver Firebirds just isn't as appealing as actually being the Broncos. I do love the game tho... Elway is a beast calling people offsides/neutral zone infractions!
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                Simply put, 10 yard fight or Tecmo Bowl.

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                  Anything with the words "John" and "Elway" in it. John Elway's Quarterback > any Madden game ever made, the same way that Chuck Norris' Commando would be better than any other shooter game ever made, if such a game were made. And I'm not biased at all
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                    Originally posted by broncoFan! View Post
                    Wait wasn't 2005 the year that we won the AFC championship? If that is the case, then definitely Madden '05 was the best game in the series woot! J/k I trust your judgment.
                    Na madden 2006 was the year we went to the AFC championship. Madden 2006 was so frustrating for me. I hated how easy it was.

                    Madden 2005 was the 04-05 season. Champs first year as a bronco.