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Anyone else like going to the Drive In?

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    There is a drive-in less than half a mile away from my house. They're awesome.


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      I used to love drive-ins, should have watched some of the movies though. I am fairly certain my oldest daughter was conceived in the back seat of a 55 Ford at a drive-in.Hey it was the eighties.
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        I used to go all the time. I buddy and spent the summer of 96 going to the drive ins. One time these small kids keep walking back in forth in front of us. For no reason at all. So I told him to hit the horn and flash the lights the next time they pass.... They jumped up a good two feet in the air and run about ten steps while in mid air.
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          There is a website call that lists all the drive ins in Colorado. There are quite a few actually. There is one in Montrose and one in Delta. Those are about 1 1/2 hours from me but the family and I go about two or three times each summer. It's one of our favorite things.

          Sorry I can't post a link I'm on my iPhone and don't want to mess with it but again it's called


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            are you kidding me??? i used to love going to the drive in!!!!!!!

            nothing better than going to the movies and being able to drink and smoke with your buddies or your girl.

            they tore it down like 10 years ago so i have not been able to take my son and miss going very much.