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Sons of Anarchy Season 3

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  • Sons of Anarchy Season 3

    It's just about here.

    Starts Tue. Can't wait!

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    Ive been waiting for this. One of the few shows that I actually watch so I hope its a good season.
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      I hope the show gets back to the original MC vs MC like they did in season 1. Season 2 was filled with excitement and some interesting twists, but really pulled away from the Motorcycle theme.

      I hope season 3 does not Dwell on Jax's kidnapped baby (Able?) for to long, hope it is resolved quickly whether or not it turn out to be a long term or short term conflict with the Irish.

      A new rise in conflict with Mayans is needed.

      Wonder if Jax will find out about Tara's history about the aborted baby?

      Wonder if Jemma will get revenge on ATF Stahl or will Opie kill her? After the club linked the death of his wife on her for bugging his phone.

      Wish half sack never died, with him gone wonder if we will see more air time with Happy and become a SAMCRO regular or remain a Nomad and bring in a new prospect later in the show?

      I hear season 3 will leave you hanging according to the producer's blog.


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        Looking forward to it. I think Abel's kidnapping will be dragged out quite a bit this season and Jax will be transformed because of it.

        I just hope Stahl gets hers. She's long overdue some comeuppance.

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