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    I was thinking of starting a Denver Broncos Country Message boards runescape clan. If anyone is interested in joining post here or pm me via Runescape. My username is Paxaman0!

    "Maybe if he had an iron suit or a magic hammer...."

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    Good idea, I don't play anymore though. Funny thing is, I still remember my password. My account is Ac Atlas if you want to look up my stats. And to think, if I never stopped playing, I would have 99 in basically everything.


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      I quit recently...Was quitting, playing, quitting, playing, etc..
      It was getting extremely boring. But my stats were godly from botting all the time haha.
      RS name is w88 ranger
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        I was addicted to Runecrack back in my sophomore year of high school

        good times sure did screw me up in school though.

        Ahh the memories of being a teen with no major responsibilities
        Now go get your shine box


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          Yeah RuneScape is like cocaine if you get into it.

          I played it as a Freshman. Got to level 87 overall and it finally started to lose appeal.

          My username was Waterfall249 if you wanna look me up though haha. I can't login anymore though I forgot my pw or somebody hacked me or something.


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            Haha nice. I still play this game off and on.

            I'm combat level 101 with an overall level of 1295 and probably 20 mill or so worth of items, maybe more. I'll probably get back into it in a few months


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              The way i beat my addiction was

              Girls , Parties.

              I think i had just turned level 80 but it got too labor intensive just to level up.

              I just didn't want to devote so much time.

              Sure did have a lot of fun as a member though some of those quests were really fun.

              Going to the wild and just loosing everything.

              Then having to support yourself by working and stuff haha.

              I was a fishermen by trade hahaha

              oh man good times
              Now go get your shine box