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    Thankfully my brothers girlfriends cousin is getting it for my brother. I can't wait for this game. This, Halo 2, and some other games are gonna be off the shelves and back-ordered till April when Christmas roles around. Did MGS(Metal Gear Solid) 3 come out yet?


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      No, MGS comes out next month. Maybe sooner, but it's not out yet, for sure. It comes out after GTA.



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        Originally posted by Diggler
        (Though after playing for long periods of time, then driving in real life you don't look at a group of pedestrians on the side walk in quite the same way)
        i've noticed the exact same thing.

        was there anybody you really just had to hit when you drove by? in vice city, i really hated the hatians, i think b/c their missions annoyed me the most. so i ran over then all the time. also i couldn't drive past any type of motorcycle w/o trying to hit it - the best was when you got em on a bridge and the driver went over the edge.
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          Originally posted by Alastor
          This time it's a whole state, not just a city. You get to build your own casino, gamble, and do a whole mess of new stuff.

          You can rob houses now. You apparently can get girlfriends in the game now. You can buy clothes that represent status, get tattoos, and actually start gang wars to eliminate those that you find pesky now.

          It's 6 times the size of Vice City in area.

          And a bunch of other stuff I don't recall off hand. It comes out the 26th.

          I'm pumped!

          Wow now you got me pumped! That sounds like its gonna be off the hook i can't wait!!!
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            Some new stuff



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              Here is another site, this one is the list of confirmed points of interest for the new game.

              Here are some spoof sites that go along with the game too. You can email these sites and sometimes the game designers and writers will reply and stuff. If you "role play" it out, they'll keep writing to you and such through e-mails, and that's sort of neat (from what I hear).

              Anyway, here are some of the Easter Egg sites that are already up. I expect there are more, just no one's stumbled onto them yet:

     appears to be the spoof site of someone that's a parody of Eminem or something.

              This seems to be the site of one of their religious freaks that are in the game, who is most likely a satire or spoof of the TV Evangelists such as Falwell and Robertson and the like that we have in real life.

              Here is the spoof site for "Cluckin' Bell" which is one of the fast food joints in the game.

              This appears to be a "self help" site for the game. It's clearly a spoof on those self-help gurus that will always solve all your problems for three installments of 125.99 that you see on late night TV.

              Neat stuff. Funny at least.

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