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What is your Black Ops gamercard?

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  • What is your Black Ops gamercard?

    Here's mine:

    (new camera, don't mind the timestamp.)

    All original baby. Made it mahself!

    Hooray, beer!

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    i dont have a picture but mine is a oldschool broncos helmet

    Always carry a flagon of whiskey in case of snakebite and furthermore always carry a small snake.


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      How do you make gamer cards yourself?
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        Originally posted by Broncoholic3233 View Post
        How do you make gamer cards yourself?
        Its an option in the player card area u have to make your own 12 layers and a ton of different little symbols and numbers


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          Not sure how to post mine or anything.

          But, mine is a skull with a biohazard sign behind it (giving the illusion of horns) (botht he skull and biohazard are black). Then, I have red angel wings in the eyesockets, giving the illusion of a bright light coming from inside the skull. Then, I have a big red Hammer & Sickle on the forehead of the skull.

          Then in the background I have the Soviet Propaganda one. I think it was called "Comrade".
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            I'll try to snap a shot of mine later but

            I have a Black Square with the Red Skull face, yellow Stars in the eyes of the skull with the White Anarchy symbol on the forhead of the Skull.

            and the American Flag background!!


            PSN ID= FL_BRONCO_FAN ... if ya want to add me, if you do make sure to send me a message and let me know who you are, I get a lot of friend requests from people I don't know and I can't be everyone's friend!!
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              I made an eric cartman one that's pretty cool.

              Your clan tag is Ortn as in kyle? lol You'll have to change it to TBOW

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                Made this a while ago

                I'm using a crosseyed spider now


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                  Mine is pretty funny actually.

                  I'll have to post a picture of it later.

                  It's suppose to be Tommy Lee Jones in "Men In Black"

                  It's a guy in a suit with a tie and everything. Got the shades on.

                  Why the shades?

                  Because my gamercard Tommy Lee Jones is erasing your memory!

                  I have him holding up that little memory thing with a red light on the top!


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                    Mines the Playboy bunny logo
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                      I've got Kirby

                      Mine looks very similar except his feet aren't so big lol. Look me up PaulWall22 if you want to see it I'm too lazy to upload it.(disclaimer: I don't actually like PaulWall the rapper, my name is paul and people call me Paul Wall at school because when I was a frosh some senior called me that and it just stuck)


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                        Mine shows a 1-Bar Connection

                        had it for like a month



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                          The Broncos helmets are really cool! Mine is just a big "S" wrapped around a sword because I'm maaaaaaaad original.
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                            Ill go home and snap some pics of mine and throw them up, Ive had some funny ones so far. Currently rockin a sweet Batman logo I borrowed from the net. I am going to go do the Decepticons logo when I get home


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                              I didnt create either, just followed some instructions and tweaked as I saw fit I guess. The modern Batman one looks SICK on some guns
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