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Cheapest TV Cable Costs?

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  • Cheapest TV Cable Costs?

    Hey, wanted to know what the cheapest TV Cable or Satellite costs is if I wanted to get it installed and hooked up on my big-screen TV so I don't have to go to Red Robin or Old Chicago and sit there for hours anymore.

    Anyone know what the cheapest monthly charge is? I get around $40 a month and if I get that job I got interviewed for I'll be making a lot more. But at the moment I get $40 per month from my parents as an allowance for being awesome.

    All I want to do is watch American Idol and the X Factor and all the Broncos games. Those are the only things I care about on TV. Thanks ahead of time and cps to whoever answers me the fastest.

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    Those are all local channels. You don't need cable if that's all you want to watch.


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      If you've got an HDTV you can just get an antenna, I would suggest a powered one, as depending on your area, the passive one's can have a hard time picking up signal.

      If you don't have an HDTV, but an older TV, you will have to buy a converter box as well as the antenna. Nowadays the converter boxes are about $60 I think, and a good powered antenna is about $40, but you can get a passive for $15 or even less.

      You're lucky you don't have major needs out of your tv programming lol
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        Just do what I used to do. Get a really long cable and steal it from the room next door.

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          I don't have cable but I do have internet and an antenna. So, I can watch live local tv including bronco games and for any other tv shows or movies there's Hulu and Netflix. My internet subscription is exactly $40 a month.