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    Originally posted by Frenchy180 View Post
    so they were here 7 years before I was born and 23 years before my first concert... I wonder how the progress on that time machine is going...
    Ooooh, now I feel old - I was 19 when I saw them in '82.


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      Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69 View Post
      We had 1st row balcony seats that turned out to be an amazing view of that stage. Loved it. To be fair, there weren't that many empty seats up there.
      We were about 4th or 5th row on the side (stage right). I thought it looked like there were empty seats towards the back. Then again I was so transfixed that I was watching my favorite band that I could be wrong.

      Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69 View Post
      Billy Squier turned to the blues side of things and the album he released didn't do well. In 2006 and 2008 he joined and toured with the Ringo Star All Star Band.

      In 2009 he did a tour and that was the last we heard of him.

      He was an opening act for Pat Benatar as well in the 80's which was also a fantastic show. Love Pat.
      Wow, I don't recall hearing anything of his after the '80s.

      Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69 View Post
      By far, the best rock show I ever saw.

      Queen performed and toured with Bad Company's front man Paul Rodgers who actually did a pretty good job but it just wasn't the same.
      I agree, best rock concert I ever saw, and I've been to quite a few. Their new stuff with Rodgers is ok, but you're right, it's not the same. Rodgers is a good rock vocalist, but he's no Freddie. The great thing is, he knows that and is not trying to be Freddie with the band, which makes it work.


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        Steven Curtis Chapman. Second would be Neil Diamond.
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          I haven't seen Rebecca Black yet, so I haven't seen my current favorite artist live yet
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            I have a lot of favorites so here it goes:

            I saw Eminem and Jay Z IN Yankee stadium last September and that was the greatest show I have ever seen thus far.

            Ive seen Tool, Incubus, Nickelback, and Linkin Park.

            Im also a big country guy and have got to seen almost all of my favorites including: Tim Mcgraw, Jason Aldean, Chris Cagle, Rodney Atkins, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith and Trace Adkins.

            My one favorite country artist I haven't seen I get to see this summer, Kenny Chesney. I didn't get tix for the first show (July 6th). But he added a 2nd show (july 7th) so Im going to make sure I get those tix. It works out better anyway, I get back from Europe at like 4 on the 6th, woulda been dead tired a the concert lol.

            Originally posted by PAINTERDAVE View Post
            Cool.. Mr Broncos Maniac.

            I already have Tim McGraw Tix... and Sugarland.
            both at Fiddlers.

            It sucks there are a ton of GREAT performers coming this summer and
            a BUNCH of them are at the CRAPPY Pepsi center.

            I likes me the outdoor festivals... move around... dancing.. fun.

            INSTEAD of the indoor, sit down in your uncomfortable seat and shut up PEPSI center.
            I agree. Mcgraw's tour this year is going to be really good. Luke Bryan is one of his openers and I can't wait to see that show. But sorry brother can't get myself to go to Sugarland haha.
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              I saw my favorite band on an almost yearly basis for several years at this week long fest called cornerstone, I was also at their final show in denver (packed the Filmore)

              Here's a video of their final song at their final show (I was in the front row right below the where the lead singer stood most of the song.)

              Five Iron Frenzy - Every new dayFillmore Theater Denver 2003Album: The end is here (2004)Este video aparece en: The rise and fall of FIF (2010 dvd)Buy it now...

              This also happens to be one of my favorite songs by them, a lot of their songs are on a slightly more silly side but this is one of their most serious songs and also one of the best of them.

              As a former saxaphone player I feel they by far have the greatest horn section of all time (with the OC Supertones being a very close second)

              Another great song from their final show

              Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

              They are probably the only band that I can still pop in any of their albums and still listen to start to finish without getting tired of it, there was one summer where one of their live albums never left my car cd player for the entire summer.
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                Back in the 80's I got to see Whitesnake with Kixx, that was a pretty decent show. I was forced to go see Chicago, and NKOTB with the exwife (fiancee at the time).

                Also have seen Charlie Daniels, Sawyer Brown, Garth Brooks, Pam Tillis, Mark Chestnut, Vince Gill and a few others.

                Can you tell it's been a few years since I have been to a concert?


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                  iv seen pink floyd once & oasis twice


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                    I've been to many concerts, but I never got to see my favorites (Anberlin and Green Day) live.

                    I'm more excited to see Anberlin, because they're much less known.
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                      Originally posted by knoxman36and2 View Post
                      Sawyer Brown
                      Are they a hoot or what? Mark is so funny as a lead singer and his dancing is fun to watch. They really are a great band to see live. They played here in little ol' Cedar City a couple of years ago.
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                        I've seen my favorite artist (Van Halen) with all 3 singers (Roth, Hagar, Cherone). Made it to the tour openers for the 2007 tour w/ Roth and 2004 w/ Hagar. Hope to catch Rush this summer in Texas or N'awlins.