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  • Oh yeah.. you mentioned Alex Mercer from Prototype in this thread didn't you?

    What about Alex Mercer Vs. Cole MacGrath

    Cole is from InFamous which is a PS3 exclusive.

    Alex is from Prototype which is a 360 exclusive.

    Sounds like the perfect battle


    • Haha that would be a pretty sweet fight Although Prototype isn't actually a 360 exclusive, it's also on PS3 and PC.

      I haven't played Infamous, but I've seen some gameplay videos, and Mercer all around just looks more bad ass. I think he'd be able to win pretty handily, but maybe I just haven't seen MacGrath do some of his more epic things since I never played the game.


      • Yeah :doh: it is on PS3 and PC. Oh well, I played Prototype on the PS3 and the framerate kills the game for me, it's better represented on the PC and 360.

        As for Cole, he's like Zeus. He can shoot lightning for infinite amounts of time, actually the more lightning he shoots out, he can heal himself and make him stronger. But Mercer is just... a beast up close, he could dice up Cole if they're fighting close. Both characters are fast and strong, and can jump pretty high and far.

        Prototype 2 and InFamous 2 aren't out yet, so we'll have to wait until they come out until we can see what more these guys can do. Right now, I'd take Mercer, because of his slashing abilities, and Cole would basically have to run for his life while throwing projectiles at Mercer. I've played InFamous, but haven't beaten it, so I'm going to buy it to get a better understanding of Cole, the first time I played it, it was fun, definitely worth owning if you liked Prototype, they're kinda the same game in a way, just different characters.


        • Prototype is sooooo badass

          Mercer would just do his inifinite tentacle move and win lol thats epic