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    Nothing in ME2 tops when you first talk to Sovereign in ME1 and the plot unravels.


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      Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
      The end of ME1 was really cool, but that fight with Saren I thought was a little boring. It was still a great ending, but in comparison, I thought the whole build up and overall execution of the ME2 ending was probably the best ending to a game I've ever played.
      I agree with this. The first time you played the suicide mission you have such an adrenaline rush the entire time because you don't know what's going to happen or if you're going to lose anybody. Heck, I've played the game who knows how many times now and know all the different ways to manipulate the ending/SM and I still get a big adrenaline rush


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        Personally, I thought the decisions you had to make in ME1 were far more deep than in ME2's. Case in point, deciding whether to save the people on the Citadel by focusing on Soverign, or sacrificing the council. There's also the choice of killing the entire Rachni race, or sparing the queen for redemption.

        ME1 being the first game, you had no idea what the consequences would be. With ME2, it didn't really have that same build up on what choices you made, aside from the last, destroying the reaper technology or salvaging it.