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    That's quite insane, Godsmack are compeltely irrelevant here, would be a mid-card festival band if anything but look like they draw a huge crowd in the US.


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      Originally posted by Andyy_47 View Post
      That's quite insane, Godsmack are compeltely irrelevant here, would be a mid-card festival band if anything but look like they draw a huge crowd in the US.
      It's funnny because it's the same way here ...

      The concert I went to Saturday night .. VOLBEAT .. they are from Denmark and are HUGE over there, they play festivals as the headliner for 80,000 + Crowds ... BUT Over here they are only known by a few people and they play little venues for 500+ people.


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        Originally posted by sbxxxiichamps View Post
        It was AMAZING!!!

        Machine Head didn't play due to an illness with one of the band members but In Flames was in the lineup which I was unaware of. I never heard of them before but have to say they were good enough to make me forget about losing out on another band

        All the bands were entertaining but Godsmack was by far the best! Their drum battle was awesome! it was similar to this --> if you wanna watch...(first 10 seconds don't work btw)

        Anyways it was a sick concert!!

        Now hopefully I can make it to Avenged Sevenfold at Uproar Festival in September...
        awesome, In Flames seem bigger over here in europe, they're quality metal and have been around for years, love them

        How were Trivium? Big fan of theirs as well

        Megadeth obviously must have been brilliant too, goes without saying
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          Just back from Leeds festival, best I've been to this summer hands down.

          Muse (*****) were on top form, Origin of Symmetry was a visual and musical masterpiece to experience live. So many good songs, so many fantastic transitions (Hypermusic->Plug In Baby -> Citizen Erased will live long in the memory) and a brilliant greatest hits set to fill up the time was a lot of fun. Last time I saw them I got too drunk to remember it, glad I stayed off the sauce.

          Other bands I saw that day were Taking Back Sunday (****) were pretty impressive, Adam Lazzara's microphone work being particuarly impressive. Frank Turner (****) was a great sing along, The View (**) only played two songs I knew, and everything was pretty flat. That being said the heavens opened up and we began to retreat but not before watching some Enter Shikari (***).

          We grabbed some kip and made our way back to the NME Tent to see Panic! At The Disco (*****) who were excellent, a lot of old stuff. It's refreshing to see a band recognise that people aren't going to be impressed if you just alienate them with new stuff, people are there to watch you play your best, if that happens to be your older stuff, give the people what they want.

          We caught Interpol (**) who were just boring, a few good songs, I won't fault a band just due to my lack of knowledge of the back catalogue but they just were not up to much. Elbow (*****) I knew two songs from but were so atmospheric, so cathartic, it was excellent. Not your classic Rock music you can stomp your feet to, but something to witness and enjoy. Grounds for Divorce is easily one of my favourite songs of all time now. Then Muse came up, you know the rest

          Saturday started with seeing The Blackout (****), very good interaction with the crowd, but if I'm being honest the bookers played a BLINDER with this day, every band fall under the same umberella as a more punk/hard rock collective. The crowd were really into everyone (bar Deftones). New Found Glory (***) were good, nothing special, but good. Saved their hits for the end which was a lot of fun, a spontaneous performance of Come As You Are was cool. Bring Me The Horizon (*****) are just insane. Not everyone's cup of tea musically but I love them, that accompanied with a truely chaotic and emphatic stage presence makes them a real highlight of the weekend. They tore it up, pure and simple, huge mosh pits EVERYWHERE, crowd surfers overpowering security and managing to surround Oli Sykes while he screamed the lyrics to 'Anthem'. Great stuff.

          Rise Against (*****) came out and put on one heck of a set, starting with Chamber the Cartidge, including gems such as Good Left Undone, they were excellent. Deftones (**) were pretty good when Chino wasn't playing guitar, he was jumping around and dancing like mad, I was growing to like them but they just got boring when he resorted to giving a hand out with the intruments. Crowd weren't really loving them either, most were there to see the next act, Offspring (***). Offspring, now they were a huge draw for a lot of people, but I don't think anyone could say that they were totally fulfilled. For one a large attraction was that they weren't really here to promote any new material since Dexter does a lot more producing these days, but they managed to squeeze in a new song, which sounded pretty crap. I'm also more of a fan of their late 90's/early 00's stuff, judge me all you want, Splinter was my favourite album, Hit That, The Kids Aren't Alright and Pretty Fly were all absolutely excellent. Self Esteem and All I Want were good but they just weren't really anything to write home about. Glad I've seen them, but I wouldn't go again.

          30 Seconds To Mars (*****) played then their last UK show before they go on an impending hiatus and were great. Jared Leto, for all his arrogance, clearly loves what he does. I was at the barrier for them and loved every minute of their performance. He's a show man, they write great music and keep the energy high.

          My Chemical Romance (*****) were probably the best band of the weekend I'd say, I was skeptical also about their ability to headline, but oh my. They were amazing, Na Na Na was full of fireworks, pyros and powerslides, the set was packed with strong, strong non-singles and a lot of hits. I loved them, and the crowd loved them. Proved all doubters wrong.

          Sunday started with Seasick Steve (****), and this guy just oozes awesome. I mean you can't NOT respect this guy, he plays on banged up guitars, his drummer uses frying pans for cymbals and a floor brush for percussion on a few songs, they're just something special. I mean the dude had two hub caps, a broom handle and a few strings put together and voila, one guitar. Everything sounded awesome, and the crowd lapped him up. Thoroughly enjoyable. I then went to the Lock Up stage to see a little known band called Letlive. The singer was recently named the greatest rockstar in the world today by a magazine I read over here and I was intrigued to see why he deserved such am impressive accolade. I was blown away. He was jumping from heights, throwing equipment, jumping into the crowd, tearing his shirt out, and during a song that seemed to be about his father going to prison, and how he was promising his mother they'd be okay without him there was a pause in which he screamed "SHUT THE (fudge) UP WHEN I'M SINGING ABOUT MY MAMA" to the sounds from other stages. So much emotion and venom, it was hard not to get goosebumps. I loved them.

          Madness (****) came next, what can I say? Some really cool songs to skank too, a lot of older fans there making it really cool to be a part of, I can appreciate how much they've contributed to Ska music. Loved it. Jimmy Eat World (****), second time I've seen them this summer, but my friend summed them up best when he said "They wrote all the songs you forgot about", so many classics and forgotten hits like Lucky Denver Mint, Futures and Pain. Great set.

          We went to load the car up a little and made out way back for The Strokes (**1/2) who were pretty awful, I'm being generous. I liked more Strokes songs than Pulp but only one of the bands showed up. Strokes droned through Someday, Last Nite, Juicebox (particuarly horrible), Under Cover of Darkness and Reptilia. Pretty awful besides that, I left early to see The King Blues (*****) who ended up being a highlight of the weekend. Songs were so easy to sing along to, they had a great rousing speech before a song called "The Streets Own Us" regarding the riots, I loved them. Perfect example of a band I'd never heard before but being fantastic enough for me to be blown away.

          We jogged over to see the last hour and so of Pulp (*****), never been a fan, don't own a record but knew Disco 2000 and Common People. Common People was the perfect ending to quite simply the best weekend of my life. I'd do it all again if I could.

          There you have it, thanks for taking the time to read my review if you did!