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RIP Bubba Smith

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  • RIP Bubba Smith

    Rest In Peace.
    Most of you know him as Hightower in the Police Acamedy movies but he was the first overall pick in 1966 with the Baltimore Colts. He appeared in 2 Pro Bowls and 1 Superbowl before retiring in 1976 and becoming an actor. He passed away at the age of 66.
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    Originally posted by kishzilla
    You truly are a special kind of strange ha ha ha.
    You damn right!

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    Wow, that's really young. My dad was a Colts fan, and I grew up watching Bubba. RIP, man.


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      I didn't watch him play football, but i remember watching him on Police Academy, and loved him. May GOD bless your soul Bubba.


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        Requiescat in pace, Bubba.

        He was from Beaumont, Texas and wanted to play for the University of Texas, but couldn't because their football team was still segregated. He played at Michigan State.

        His Miller Lite Beer commercials were hilarious. He used to hang out with Deacon Jones.
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