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    Well with the peer pressure of 3 friends last night I went ahead and Pre-Ordered ....

    Game stop gives you the "limited Edition" for the regular price if you preorder ... from what I can see though the "limited edition" is really just an exclusive weapon and some sort of poster.

    The weapon looks cool though, it's a baseball bat with a saw blade attached and some mechanicals to make it spin!!


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      Originally posted by HavoK471 View Post
      It seems like a more melee based Left 4 Dead

      Not sure if i'll pick it up
      This was my thinking too.

      Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
      Maybe gameplay wise, but outside of that it's completely different. It's open world and actually has a story. Also weapon variety is infinitely different, and you can use vehicles.
      After reading this and doing some investigating (RPG elements are a plus) I'm intrigued. I'll wait for reviews but it's certainly a candidate for a full price purchase.

      A big selling point for me will be replay ability/value.

      'Cause I'm a jerk like that.
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