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    Originally posted by Vhailor View Post
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    Agreed. I love that game.

    Right now I'm playing Dead Island, and so far I give it an 8.5/10. It's addicting and a helluva lotta fun!
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      Batman Arkhym Asylm 8.5/10

      Thought the game was really fun, the boss battles where dissapointing to say the least. But over all I enjoy playing the game and thought it was well done, even more considering its a super hero game and those usually just try to ride by off the name than anything.

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        Originally posted by DoomTrooper View Post
        Agreed. I love that game.

        Right now I'm playing Dead Island, and so far I give it an 8.5/10. It's addicting and a helluva lotta fun!
        I might go back to replaying it this weekend. Just thought the game, as a whole, was very well executed.


        Last night I played Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

        8/10. Really like the game. Should probably have tried the MP part out before I give it a score, though.
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          Originally posted by Amari24 View Post
          Nothing wrong with that. I never played Silent Hill before, I was more of a Resident Evil guy back in the day. That was really the joy of playing horror games back then. You mention that you had to run around places to find out where to go; might sound weird, but that's also what I thought was a great thing about old horror games. The tension of being chased by creatures and not knowing where to go, and what lied behind each door. There was also the exploration parts of them, and the of puzzles that you had to figure out.

          If you look at any PS3 or 360 game that's classified as "horror", all it really involves is shooting things in dark corridors, with a map on the right hand corner of the screen, telling you where to go. You get tons of ammo, and simply move from room to room blowing away anything that moves. You don't feel like you're trying to survive, which is why I personally don't consider Dead Space or L4D Survival horror games.

          I have to sit down and play some more of these retro horror games. Parasite Eve is another one I heard that was good.
          Very good point...That was the thrill of the game getting chased in the "alternate" Silent Hill world by the crazy dog things and the flying bird things going from building to building until you find the one you need to be at. Made the game hard but interesting at the same time.

          Originally posted by theMileHighGuy View Post
          Parasite Eve games were my thing back on the PS1. Fairly difficult, and they all had really cool stories. Tough to go back and play though with the graphics and what would now be considered shoddy mechanics.
          I'm about to start playing Parasite Eve for the first time and I've always heard nothing but great things about it since it first came out...looking forward to it.
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          Originally posted by kishzilla
          You truly are a special kind of strange ha ha ha.
          You damn right!

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            Played Mass Effect 1 and 2 back to back. 10/10 on both of them, cant freakin wait for 3 to come out later this year!!!

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              Red Dead Redemption:

              Absolutely love this game. Have not passed Act 1 yet, working on challenges and whatnot. Love the story of Marston and love the fact you can travel just about anywhere you want to.

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                NBA 2K12


                An improvement from an already REALLY good NBA 2K11. The presentation, the sound, the gameplay, they're all really good. The only thing that really struggles at times is there is still 2-3 players per team that look really hideous, almost alien like, kind of like last years. Players like Kobe and Lebron have def. improved graphically though.

                The NBA's Greatest Mode is probably the best feature and one of the best things ever put into an NBA game or really any sports game for that matter.

                It's kind of hard for me to write an entire review of the game as I only got it 3 hours ago and I'm still going through many of the various things this game offers.

                So far so good though. One of the best sports game I've ever played to this point.


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                  just picked up red faction armageddon (8.5/10) recently for real cheap

                  what a great game, despite lack of online multiplayer

                  didn't mind the decision to go back to linear gameplay because i was having so much fun with the weapons

                  wish was easier to unlock all the post game goodies though