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    Originally posted by Garywolf001
    NO, I just think Billy Bob Thornton, Russell Crowe ,Jack Nicholson, Jeff Bridges, and Tommy Lee Jones are all very one dimentional, they act the same way over and over with different names. It gets annoying for me to see the same acting I saw in another movie over and over.
    Did you see Sling Blade? Billy Bob was terrific in that movie.

    Bridges is also a damn versatile actor.


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      Originally posted by Hoserman117
      I'm not sure how you could say Jack Nicholson is one dimensional. Contrast As Good as it Gets, The Shining, The Departed, and Chinatown, and you have some pretty different roles.
      He's had moments thats for sure, but to me he plays everything the same way, watch "Easy Rider", it's the same guy over and over with a few exceptions like "A few good men".

      Originally posted by Hoserman117
      What about Russell Crowe? Gladiator or Master in Commander vs. A Beautiful Mind?
      Gladiator and Master in Commander rocked yes, same guy just one was "Spanish" the other English.

      A Beautiful Mind now

      he was horrible in that, thats why I don't like him anymore.

      Originally posted by Hoserman117
      I'd agree TLJ is a little one dimensional, but he's still a damn good actor. I'm not that big of a fan of Billy Bob Thornton, and all I really remember seeing of Jeff Bridges is True Grit (which was awesome), so I can't comment too much on him.
      BBT calls himself a crappy actor, he just does it to pay gas money for his band. Jeff just kills me anytime he acts emotional, he has a move where he runs his hand down his face from his forehead and stops at his mouth, does it all the time, it's sad. I haven't seen True Grit so I can't say he sucked in that. Anyway I'm not saying these guys completly suck, just over rated.
      I Adopt #77 well damn!
      Milla Da QB Killa' #77
      Fox Rocks #77


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        Originally posted by The Experience
        Did you see Sling Blade? Billy Bob was terrific in that movie.

        Bridges is also a damn versatile actor.
        Exactly. Sling Blade was probably his best performance



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          Originally posted by LSIGRAD09
          No Liam Neeson or Ralph Fiennes yet?
          ? I had Liam in my top 10. No Fiennes though.


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            I never really have given it that much thought and probably will overlook many people and also not really know there names lol but in random order.

            My best
            Denzel washington
            Samuel jackson (hit or miss for him but pulp fiction was epic)
            Jamie Foxx
            Don Cheadle
            Ving rahmes
            Mekhi phifer
            I have a few others that names wont come to mind

            My worst would have to be most musicians and athletes and etertainers that try to act. Very horrible.