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    even though I have the 32nd rank offense my #1 ranked D has gotten me to the superbowl lol.

    But I'm making strides with my offense in the post season.
    Now go get your shine box


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      10-12 online.. So I'm not doing great, but I am 6-1 in the last 7 games, so I'm learning our strengths in this game..

      So far what works best for me is;

      1. Moreno. Plain and simple. Run run run screen run screen run run motion out to WR 25 yard TD, he can do it all well in the game. Power O to the right side and you're gonna bust a long TD like 20% of the time.

      2. Julius Thomas over the middle. He's rated real low but don't let that deceive you. As a pass catcher he's a weapon and has the speed to get you some decent YAC, and even take it to the house if you catch your opponent blitzing the safety.

      3. Demarius Thomas and Eddie Royal in the slot. Both are our fastest receivers in the game and if you can catch a slower CB or a LB covering them in the slot, hot route that ish to a streak and odds are you're gonna get a few yards.

      4. Tebow. QB sneak up the middle in goaline formation is good for 4 yards almost every time. His deep ball is astounding and more often than not will be on the money. He's not a good QB to scramble with as he's slower than most DEs and just about every LB, but his mobility is good for falling back on screens.

      5. Any pass over the middle. Preferably 7+ yards down the field. Easy completions in this game.


      1. Joe Mays. Play man QB spy under the 4-3 stack formation and you're set. If you can read the line well enough he will get you 5+ TFL a game and at least a sack or two.

      2. Champ Bailey. If your opponent likes to single in on a receiver, man champ up with him. I've had at least one pick from champ in every game, and most of those are able to find their way back to the end zone.

      3. Darcel Mcbath. Well, can't use him much longer as we cut him today, but in the game he's a pick machine when you play him in the deep half or deep middle, especially if your opponent likes to go deep a lot.

      4. Dawkins. He gets hurt in this game, a lot. He also gets burned if you try to use him in the deep zones or man too much. Put him in the flats and he is essentially a quick LB that helps stop the run more effectively from closer up. Also, will get a pick every now and then off a hasty out.

      5. Woodyard. I put him at OLB and put Miller as DE. Woodyard is rated low, but has great speed and decent coverage ratings for a LB, better than MIllers. His speed makes up for his other deficiencies, and blitzing him between Bunkley and Warren produces good results.


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        Originally posted by nic.zeman24 View Post
        When will the next roster update come out?
        I would say Wednesday at the latest.
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          Originally posted by beastlyskronk View Post
          Played 2 game online, had 5 picks in each game. Got a few sacks in each game. I can not play the ball in the air though because the game seems to always lag right before the ball comes down. I hate that Irving, Moore, and Carter are so slow. Irving is faster than Mays, Moore and Carter are both way faster than Dawkins.

          Moore and Bailey catch everything. Dawkins usually catches the ball, McBath makes crazy INTs when I go to 3 S looks. My only real complaint is that I can put a S at LB like I used to do last year. I had to put Williams and Woodyard at OLB and I moved Von to DE and he absolutely kills with his spin move. Him and Doom get a ton of pressure, Warren and Bunkley do good up the middle too.

          The offense is fine, I went over 150 yards both times with Knowshon, I only threw 1 INT with Tebow but about 5 TDs and over 300 yards in each game.
          Try using the Jets Defensive Playbook..they have some looks that allow you to do this..2-4-6 is the package I think :/

          Go Broncos