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  • Madden 12 Online Franchise (360)

    Hello! Looking for dedicated active owners to play in an Madden 12 online franchise (360).

    Core members of the franchise have been playing together since Madden 10 completing 10 seasons in each version of the game. We play year round and usually complete the 10th season when the new madden drops. I try to stream the superbowls live if possible. .

    General Info:
    -I plan on advancing to a new week every Sunday and Wednesday at 10pm Mountain. (subject to change to what the majority of the league wants)

    -Casual Sim style league, no exploits allowed

    -Will be using to manage the league (salary cap, trades, FA, contract lengths etc). The site also keeps track of all the stats for the players/teams.

    -We will start out with allpro

    -7min qtrs 10sec acceleration (still testing this)

    - Free copy of the next madden to the team that wins the most superbowls before the new madden releases

    We will kickoff the season Sept 12

    Currently I have a "preseason" franchise setup so the owners can play the game and get familiar with using leaguemanager.

    Available teams are







    If you are interested please post your gamertag and the team you would like to play. Thanks!

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    Gt. Djbirdman26

    Adopted Broncos:
    (2011-2013) Eric Decker
    (2014-2018) Bradley Roby
    (2019-Current) Drew Lock
    Adopted posters:


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      Update available teams list.

      Sent you a PM Birdman


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        I'd like to participate.

        GT: Turbo TSi 30PSI


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          PM's Sent. Leaguemanager is currently rolling out some new features so the site might be down when you try to sign up


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            For me I'll be the cowboys my gt is holytide
            My friends interested in playing he will play chargers and his gt is heftyirishman


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                PM's Sent and invites in madden sent.

                To accept the invites in madden go to Madden online. Then scroll down to Online franchise. In that menu there should be a selection that says invitations.


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                  Hey fellas can you update your contact info on league manager discussion board so we can coordinate matches easier. Thanks!


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                    Rules the for the franchise. Yes its long, but ensures a great online SIM experience.

                    Also to note, this league is a complete SIM experience that includes off the field Front Office activities. If you want to just play a game then be done then this league is not for you. If you want to be the Coach and GM making decisions regarding resigning players, scouting rookies, bidding for free agents and managing salary cap then you have found a home.

                    ****Welcome to Da Seas's official Madden 12 Online Franchise league.***

                    This is the third year we've done Online Franchise, and it was a huge success for Madden 10 and 11. Let's make Madden 12 even better.

                    Below you'll be able to find all the league information, and rules.

                    This is a fast moving league with a lot of guys who love to play Madden. So if you have enough time to play madden on a somewhat regular basis and want to have some friendly competition and fun, you're welcome to join us. We've already formed a pretty competitive and tight knit group, and more people are always welcome!

                    THIS IS A FUN / SIM LEAGUE, if you feel your skill is more suited for a higher level of play, please look elsewhere. We are not interested in cheesers and AI game exploiters

                    You must use for managing your team. This league goes beyond the playing field and into the front office. If you don't want to deal with player contracts and salary cap then this league is not for you. If you don't already have an account on the site create one now.

                    We require a contact number or a reliable way to get a hold of you. Majority of game scheduling is done via text message. If you have restrictions with text messaging then please provide an alternate method of communication we can use to contact you.
                    Please send you contact info to da.seas1 (at)


                    - Advancing to a new week every Sunday and Wednesday at 10pm Mountain

                    - Scheduling games will be up to the users involved. If you play a computer controlled team you can play them at any point during the franchise week. If you play a user controlled team, then you must schedule when you're both able to play. IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO DO THIS THERE ARE SEVERAL SITUATIONS WITH DIFFERENT SOLUTIONS:

                    *If you cannot find the person you are playing. you post in the forum, send them PMs, txts and don't see them online, and they don't respond or show up, the commish will boot them for that week as long as 24 hours have passed. (and always invite them back). You won't be penalized if someone just isn't around.

                    *If you have been trying to schedule a game back and fourth and things keep coming up and you end up going to the deadline without getting the game in, it will be simmed unless a reasonable time after the deadline can be set. I will try to be as lenient as possible, but we have to keep the league moving at the same time.

                    *If you know you're going to be gone for a week or a few days PLEASE LET US KNOW.

                    You will be temporarily booted so the person you are playing can play your team against the computer. You can either drop yourself (if you play a user in the time you're gone) or the commish can boot you for the time. If you do not play a user during the time you're gone and the week advances your game will be simmed.

                    *If there are little to no attempt to get a game in by both teams, the game will be simmed.

                    These scheduling rules are here to keep the league moving. This league managed to stay alive for 10 seasons in Madden 10 and 11 because people got their games in in a timely manner and the league kept moving along. A slow league is a dead league. We won't wait for you if you try and hold us up.

                    - Trash talk is permitted. Rivalries make the game more competitive, but it can be taken too far sometimes. If someone goes beyond trash talk and starts getting personal or attacking other users, there were be a written warning. If the behavior continues there will be incremental suspensions for every time you repeat the offense. THIS GOES FOR BOTH IN GAME AND IN THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    1st offense - 4 weeks

                    2nd offense - 8 weeks

                    3rd offense - 12 weeks

                    4th offense - one season

                    after that you will be suspended for one season every time you post something of that nature. let's keep it clean. This is a madden thread, not a hate thread.


                    - Games will be played on All-Pro (Moving to all madden on season 2) with 7 minute quarters and 25 sec acc clock.

                    - No using exploits!!

                    This is basically anything having to do with ANY EXPLOIT (animation or AI). If it wasn't meant to be part of the game, it's probably an exploit. Exploits DO NOT mean running the same play numerous times. If someone is killing you with a play, it's your job to find the play to stop it (unless it's an A.I. exploit), there's a defensive play for every offensive play.

                    If a player is caught using exploits by one person, they will be given a warning. If the player continues using exploits in user games, the player will be SUSPENDED for 8 games (regardless of what time of the season it is, suspensions can carry over to next season). Once reinstated, if the user is caught using exploits again, they will be permanently booted.

                    - THE CUTTHROAT RULE IS IN EFFECT!!

                    What this means is EA's servers tend to drop games from time to time. If you're playing a game against another user, and that person drops out, it will give the person that's still connected the option to let the final score be the current score or not count anything and return to the main menu. If you chose to play cutthroat, the person who's still connected can make the decision to either take the win / loss or play again. You can also talk before the game and decide in that situation that the game should be replayed. If there is no talk, then cutthroat will be the default rule.

                    - Restarts will be monitored.

                    There is a times started stat next to every game in the schedule, if you have to re-play more than once without letting the league know why you did (obviously connection problems and things come up, so it's ok if you have to do it sometimes). If you restart numerous times with no indication as to why, you will get a 2 game suspension. If you need pratice create an online franchise to practice in and advance the same schedule as the league.


                    I know it may be hard to really prove this, but if it becomes obvious you are tanking games and giving away free Ws so you can assure yourself of a high draft pick, you will be unable to pick your players in the upcoming draft. You

                    will be given one warning after the initial offense, after that every time you do it, TWO rounds will go by without you being able to pick who you want. You can keep the players the computer chose for you, but you will not be able to draft yourself.

                    - Sportsmanship

                    Lets try to keep kicking a person while they are down to a minimum. If you have a friendly rivarly with another owner and you know them personally then running up the score is ok, but If you dont know the person dont go for it on 4th down if you have a large lead or attempting to score when there is no way they can come back. We dont want the league to turn into a cheese fest with people doing stupid things just because they can.

                    - Rage quitting

                    Quitting in the middle of a game because you are losing is not tolerated. If you are found to do this you will lose a 2nd round draft pick. If it happens again you will be removed from the league.

                    ***OFFSEASON (Drafts, Player Resigning)***

                    - Once the season has been advanced to the first round of the playoffs player resigning will be open. A new section will show up under the team tab that will allow each individual team owner to re-sign players that have had their contracts expire. By clicking re-sign next to the players name, they will be given the new contract and they will not be lost to Free Agency. Player re-signings will remain open through the Super Bowl. This will allow ample time for all team owners in the league to re-sign their contract year players if they choose to.

                    - To begin the off season, each team must drop a total of seven players (to make room for draft picks). THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. If you don't drop your own players, the computer will drop them for you, and sometimes it drops players you want to keep. I will not allow users who forgot or just didn't drop players before the draft to re-pick their players up. you can use a FA pickup on them if you'd like.

                    - Drafts will be held at least 5 days after the Superbowl on a saturday morning. If the playoffs are coming to an end and you've been eliminated earlier, keep track of where the league is so you can be prepared for when the draft comes. THERE WILL BE NO COMPENSATION FOR PEOPLE WHO MISS THE DRAFT. You stick with who your team drafts for you.

                    - IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE ROOKIE DRAFT THE FREE AGENT BIDDING WILL BE HELD USING LEAGUE MANAGER. The free agent BIDDING will consist of players users dropped during the off season, and players computer teams dropped to make room for rookies as well. During this phase, all owners will have a fair opportunity to bid on all free agents available. Each team is allowed to bid as much as they want on any players as long as they have the free cap space. FA Bidding will be closed 2 days after the draft.

                    ***Do not sign free agents through the xbox console***

                    You are responsible for managing your team. Failure to keep your team under cap will result in lost draft picks as a penalty.

                    *Credit to AP Madden for the majority of the rules


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                      team please..

                      I am not sure if you are still doing the online franchise but i would like to be involved my gamertag is the outspoken 1 or message me on here.......


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                        League is currently full 32/32, however I am compiling a waiting list of people that would like to join in case an owner drops from the league. So if anyone is interested please send me an email at da.seas1(at), I dont check this thread often.

                        Quick overview of the league.

                        -Highly active league

                        -You are the Owner, GM, Coach and player of the team. You control every aspect of the team from managing the Salary Cap, Resigning players, Bidding for free agents to scouting rookies at the end of the season.

                        -We use to manage Salary Cap, Free agent bidding, resigning of contract year players, trades and Drafting.

                        -LM also provides, Players of the week, games stats, team stats, Probowl selections, MVP of the year.

                        -Advance twice a week, 10pm MST Wed/Sat

                        -The Ultimate Fantasy experience for madden players


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                          It's very fun and really prolongs the time Madden is still fun.

                          Typically I'd be bored with Madden by now, but this makes it fun and it's only two games a week.

                          Recommended :thumb:
                          2013 Adopt-a-Bronco: Demaryius Thomas



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                            It'd be cool to join
                            2013 Adopted Bronco - Duke Ihenacho


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                              Originally posted by JakeNbake View Post
                              It'd be cool to join
                              JakeNbake send me your contact info at da.seas1 at I'll get you on the list. Thanks!