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    Originally posted by Skywalker
    I liked Hayden as Anakin. He wasn't perfect, but I thought he did the anger and transition from Anakin to Vader really well.

    The problem with the prequels was just the writing and dialogue, they had a good cast who did the best they could with what they got. Natalie and Ewan weren't much better than Hayden.

    Also, I always thought they were trying to show that Vader and Anakin are two different people. You're complaining that Anakin isn't as "badass" as Vader is or whatever, he's not supposed to be.

    Gerard Butler would have been horrible
    I would have agree with you, but then you said Hayden was better than Ewan.

    I thought Ewan was the better of the 3.
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      Hayden was alright. He's not the best actor by any means, but he got the job done. All he had to do was swing around a lightsaber and sleep with Natalie Portman, he was good enough to accomplish that. Also, I really wish people would stop trying to connect JEJ's voice with Hayden Anakin.

      If you actually paid attention to the movies, you'd know that Vader talked through cybernetic enhancements. He also looked nothing like Hayden afterwards, the voice fit perfectly with ROTJ Anakin, where we first saw Vader's face.