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  • Madden or NCAA

    Both games have just come out in NZ and I have been long time fans of both. As I can only afford one at this time, what do I go for.

    The new NCAA 'RPG' elements really intrigue me as I always loved Superstar mode but does it make it a better game than Madden?

    Looking over the game review sites they are both getting around the same ratings (other than a few which say NCAA is half a point better than Madden) so I have come to my fellow Broncos fans for advise.
    NCAA Football 12
    Madden NFL 12

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    Now I can't say for sure since I've been out of playing Madden for a few years. But back up until a few years ago I would always buy Madden every year and a few of the NCAA games but not every year.

    Back then it appeared that Madden got all the new features and NCAA was like a year or two behind what Madden was doing.

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      I have both and play them both. They are both really good games, but I prefer Madden. If you want to do the individual player mode go with NCAA as it's a lot more in depth and just better overall. But as far as regular gameplay on the field I think Madden is better. Madden has better graphics, and has smoother gameplay, and to me just feels more like "real football.". In madden, you actually need to read the defenses, look for throwing/running lanes, and time your passes. In NCAA it seems like you can just drop back, sit there for awhile, and decide who you want to throw to, has much more of an arcade feel. Still a great game though, I love both.


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        NCAA...its not even close

        Madden every year is just a roster update...and yes I've played the new one so don't tell me about all those "amazing" new franchise features...cuz its the same product from Madden 11.
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          NCAA without a doubt. I can even get through a game of Madden. I got it from Gamefly and I literally can't get through a single game.


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            Got greedy and purchased both, savings can wait, football can not.

            Cheers guys, once I figure out what my PSN name is again I will post it up for a challenge.


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              NCAA, for sure.

              Probably the best sports game I've ever played, whereas I played Madden at a buddy's last weekend and I was bored after the second quarter. Madden franchise is great, but actually playing the game sucks. Whereas NCAA is fun to play all around. Exhibition, RTG, dynasty, its all fun.


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                NCAA. Not really a contest, and its been like this since '06 at least.


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                  Fer Sure.

                  Best Madden yet.

                  Madden haters can keep on hating.
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                    An amazing thing happened.... I played a game of Madden just now... and I had FUN!!!!!!

                    WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!?!


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                      I felt like I actually controlled what was happening against my defense, and I felt like what I was doing on offense actually made a difference, it was kinda cool. Running game was still crappy though..... 34 yards on 15 carries, kinda lame, but whatever. I had the quarters set to 7 minutes which isn't even close to long enough with the clock run-off so I was having to call plays a little too quickly for my liking.

                      Game ended 13-10 with me beating the Raiders in OT. I had legit pressure all game long and got 4 sacks on Campbell, was a really fun game. Hopefully this isn't a random exception to the rule, and I can keep getting fun games like this.