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  • Do you have a "Theme song"?

    David's thread about oldies got me thinking. I can't sleep tonight. I got tunes from all over running thru my head.

    There's a whole bunch of songs that end up defining me. Now I am no music buff really. Nothing like David. I don't play any instrument, have only been to a few dozen concerts, and well, music has never been 'me', ya know?

    But I still love it, and find from time to time this song or that song defines my life, or parts of it a least.

    So anyway, way back in high school I knew this girl. She was just part of the group I hung out with from school, but she lived close to me, and the two of us used hang out a lot together and went to see movies every once in a while.

    One summer day she calls me up and says her parents took her to see this movie. I HAD to go see it. It was about me!

    Now it wasn't really about ME, but it was a more extreme, adult version of the person I was back then. Totally carefree, and often a little, well, not sober, haha.

    As the years have gone by, I did sober up for the most part. But I still live the carefree life, and refuse to grow up. I am still the little boy, much like the character from the movie. Just not falling down drunk.

    And not quite living the lifestyle he did.

    It's kind of sappy, and not everyone's taste in music, but this is my theme song......

    & if you never saw, rent it. You'll love it.

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    I just copied 12and4's theme song: "It's raining men" hasnt really done much for me in terms of not getting laughed at though

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      Originally posted by Brakshow
      I just copied 12and4's theme song: "It's raining men" hasnt really done much for me in terms of not getting laughed at though

      Maybe you should try this one bro ...

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        Buddy Holly by Weezer is my song.

        Arthur is a good movie by the way.


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          Dude is wearing orange..... just sayin'....
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            It'd be "Stand Out" by Tevin Campbell. I'm one of the most unique people in the country & I LOVE IT!
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              Theme from Shaft.

              Can you dig it?


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                My Favorite

                JWinn - I remember watching that movie growing up. I've got to re-watch it, and also the newer version too.
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