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    Originally posted by Amari24 View Post
    I personally don't think Doom 4 will be here until the next gen consoles hit. That way, id software will have more power to work with. And I absolutely wish Tuesday was here for Rage. What do we have, only 6 more days? Can't wait to do my review of it. So excited.
    Yeah, I agree id will probably wait for the next gen for Doom 4. I'm still pumped because that's one if my favorite franchises of all time (you can tell by my screen name).

    I know, Tuesday can't come soon enough... Rage is gonna be amazing!
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      Assassins Creed



      Uncharted 3

      Spider-Man - Edge of time (Ehhh kinda)

      Arkham City


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        Not until february but i cant wait for the new Twisted Metal

        Besides that i already got Fifa 12 and madden 12 and tossed up on whether i wanna buy Cod this year


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          Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Arkham City are games I'm looking forward to.
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            Just Arkham City really at this point. It's been a pretty poor year for games on my front. I was stoked for Space Marine and haven't even bought it yet.


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              I keep contemplating some older games to get because haven't played games in a while.

              I want to check out some of the older mass effects and borderlands game. I have played a lot of games and tried a lot recently but got bored fairly quickly and if a game was to easy.

              I will buy BF3, MW3, and Diablo 3 for sure, Playing Madden 12 while renting games but since playing WOW about year and half ago... It takes a lot to excite me in a game. It litterly ruined all the other RPG games. Dragon age 2... I beat way to quick and was a bore... I might get a couple Final older final fantasy games I never played but the newest one didn't look to great. I think there is another coming out.

              I really want to rent Batman: Arkham City when comes out but beat the other one in about a day. Way to quick so won't but and started to be a grind and same thing over and over after I got half way through it.

              I might buy the skyrum whatever game... Looks decent.

              If anyone has some ideas of games I should play. Let me know. :thumb:


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                I really like Cheese.