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Dell vs. HP for PC gaming

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    Build your own, it's cheaper since you aren't paying for labor. You will also get a computer free from bloatware, won't come with a bunch of garbage software that you don't need and won't harass you into buying once the trial expires.

    As others have said, it's simple to build a computer and when you do it, you will cherish the machine that much more. It's also pretty cool when people ask what kind of computer you have, you can tell them you built it yourself. I built my first PC in 2004 when I was in 10th or 11th grade. Been building and upgrading my own PCs since.


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      Definitely easier to build it.

      Don't buy from Alienware. They're EXTREMELY overpriced. You can most of the time, build PC's as good, if not better than Alienware PC's. They're easily the most overrated gaming PC brand out there.

      I would go to Newegg to pick out the parts, as they usually have the best prices and deals going on.

      Retail PC's generally aren't good for gaming, as they usually have integrated video cards, and not dedicated ones. If all you're looking to play is The Old Republic, you won't need the most powerful setup. The Old Republic isn't the most demanding PC game.


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        Build your own.
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