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    Originally posted by roushmartin6 View Post
    I feel I should have grown up in the 70s and 80s. I just saw an infomercial for a show called The Midnight Special. Apparently it would have been my favorite show if I was alive then because it played nothing but great music. I'm 23 and don't even listen to modern music, I personally think 99% of it is crap, i always got my radio tuned to classic rock. Been watching videos of this great show on youtube. Whats impressive is they hit just about every genre there was and even have the occasional stand up comedy from some very huge names. If your like me and never heard of this show check it out!
    Those were good times indeed.:thumb:

    Stumbled on to this recently, this guy does a great job.

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      Originally posted by aberdien View Post
      How were those lights?

      The whole show was extraordinary.

      We wondered who would open for them...

      First off.. they opened for themselves....
      playing music we had never heard before.
      Turns out some of it was to be called Animals.

      Then a break. Then ...
      when they came out for the Dark Side of the Moon...

      A huge round screen above the stage..
      on which they showed a movie...
      remember. this was BEFORE MTV.

      The sound was incredible...
      they had speakers set every 20 feet.. all around the Coliseum.

      so when they picked off say..
      5 notes on the guitar..

      first note would start there..
      2nd note would be THERE.
      and the final note would come from all the way over THERE.

      It sounded like they could ricochet or bounce the sound off the stage..
      around the coliseum.

      Us and Them.

      Yes the laser lights..

      The intensity of the concert was incredible.
      The movies they showed were synchronized with their music.

      I could go on and on.... at the end of Dark Side...
      They had a Phantom Jet fighter.. like an F-15.. strung on wire.
      Hidden in the back.

      At the crescendo of the show... ALL the speakers got LOUD..
      rumbling... I mean earth shattering loud...
      suddenly they let loose the jet.. It slid down the wire..
      into a trapdoor in the center of the stage..
      with a sonic blast it was as if a jet crashed right into the stage.

      I had a floor seat up pretty close.
      That jet came flying over my left shoulder..
      it shocked me.


      Then a moment later the lights come on.
      The stage is empty.

      1 second... 2 seconds.. NOT A SOUND.

      Suddenly the entire crowd as one..
      I mean you could audibly hear it..
      the entire crowd said at once..

      "Did you see that?"

      then applause erupted and we went crazy.

      Then Pink Floyd came out and played MORE songs....

      The concert lasted for several hours.
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